My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Please Stand Up

   I again want to beg those who are being used in the sadistic covert program, under the guise of it being a good thing, to realize that it isn't and find the Heart and the courage to step out of it with a group of people/witnesses and fully and peacefully stand up for yourselves and us and America and humanity.
  But if you want to stand up please do it quickly because there may be dangers in considering it or talking about standing up for too long before acting. Those who do the targeting seem to have had a pattern of distracting those who do not stand up quickly enough.

 God, help humanity to be completely
set free and have a chance to recover.

I wrote this poem, in the Spring of 2014, for those who are completely enslaved and are missing or thought to be dead.

How many alive are thought to be gone?
How many shoved into that lethal "home"?
They are the angels we now need
To step out and stop the bleed.
Beneath the numbing microwave's pill
Our hearts Truly love them still.
Please come back.