My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, June 19, 2017

I'm Worried

    Among many others, I am still worried about a man who lost his jobs and his wife and his children and his home after he witnessed life threatening damage done to my vehicle on two different occasions.
    I also still feel concerned about my children whom have been being targeted in ways that they do not even realize. I hope they have not been tortured and/or drugged into being used in the sadistic covert program, since I was last closely connected with them around the end of 2011. Either way, I hope they get the freedom and protection they need. My fight to expose the targeting for all of us has been long and hard and I hope it will help all of us. I hope that the people in and around my situation are not hurt any more than they already have been. I wish we were all free to be together and love each other and support each other and recover...etc. I am not trying to blame anyone for this not happening yet. Like I have said before, I know that it can not happen while we are all still under the constraints of the mind control and the dark manipulations. Obviously it just has not been able to. But I worry, especially since there appears to have been so much destruction of people and evidence in my situation. I just do not want any of us to be hurt anymore!