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Friday, June 30, 2017

Backing Up A Bit

  I am not going to be doing much on this blog anymore, due to too much harassment in libraries that I have been forced to write in since they disabled my computers...etc. In the future there will be more in my Ramblings of a Targeted Individual book on Amazon than there will be in the free download on my websites and this blog.

Holocaustal War


   The rounds of targeting have been horrible lately. I feel like I have been through a horrible holocaustal war that is obviously not over yet, but I sometimes want to pretend it is, in order to survive.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


I don't need false labels and "medication" - I need kindness, understanding, validation and a chance to recover after its over.
And I don't want enslavement - I just need protection and freedom.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Evil Blue Coat

  I erased this post because this situation feels too dangerous without the proper kinds of help. Things are not looking very good for me and it appears that a lot of cover-ups and set-ups are happening.

The Baffling Draw

   Before I realized the full scope of the targeting I had sometimes felt drawn to turn to the  perpetrators, who had previously infiltrated my life to befriend me, in order to get help as I was shoved into fearing for my life and destitution. This had baffled me until I fully realized the technological mind control part of the targeting and that I have been effected by it more than I'd previously thought. The brainwashings can also make us forget names and make us (sometimes just for period of time) think people are wonderful when they are actually the satanic perpetrators who are hurting us. The brainwashings are most effective when we are inflicted with emotional trauma or have been drugged and when we are not aware of the mind control. But truly satanic people can fool many - they are sometimes the most respected community members.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Love for Freedom

I cannot "prove" that I love you
While being targeted through you
But I do. I love Freedom.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Calling All Hearts Again

I recently updated this one page paper.
Please print it out and pass it to as many people as possible.

    Most people are aware that radio waves can be sent down to their homes or computers, from satellites, for the purpose of internet access. But most people are not aware that these technologies can be criminally used – that beams of radio waves (microwaves) can also be directed into human beings to disrupt brain and body functions in ways that can range from mild to lethal. Radio waves shot into the human brain can inflict mental numbness and confusion, unusual mood swings and mind control - brainwashings. Radio waves shot into other parts of the body can cause physical illnesses like fatigue, joint pain, lupus, cancers, lung inflictions, heart attacks, brain damage...etc. I understand how difficult it may be to believe that this is happening, but please give it the benefit if your doubt. What's happening is so outrageously inhumane that a natural response can be to slip into shocked denial, overwhelm, or blind disbelief, but this situation needs your awareness and attention. This is a crisis that is already hurting humanity in many ways. It is a technological holocaust that needs to be more fully realized and stopped as quickly as possible.
    There is documented scientific proof that experiments, on the effects of radio waves (microwaves), being shot into the human body, began around the early 1900s by scientists like Nicola Tesla. Around 1961 President John F. Kennedy exposed this crisis to media officials saying, “Today no war has been declared - and however fierce the struggle may be, it may never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack... we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means… There is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security - a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity." This is NOT A “COMSPIRACY THEORY.” It has been happening for decades. Most people just are not aware of it. Hints of it leaked into the mainstream media in the 1970s when part of the MKULTRA and Russia’s microwaving of the American Embassy were reported, but not much has been reported since then.
   The worst of the technological targeting is mind control, which is aided by certain types of pharmaceuticals that have been being heavily pushed upon humanity and were even reported to have been found in USA public drinking water supplies in 2008. Though the immediate effects of technological mind control may be virtually unnoticeable to most people, the long term effects could be devastating for all of humanity if it is not immediately stopped, especially that which is performed on children – humanity’s future. When we are not allowed to freely think and feel we cannot fully follow our own instincts and Hearts and our natural process of personal growth is impeded and this is too damaging to be allowed to continue any longer.
    The computerized infiltration of people’s minds may sound impossible to many, but it is a devastating reality to even some of them. Veteran Author, Jim Keith had stated that, "Brain-computer radio communication has long been considered impossible by the majority of people and has consequently been relegated to science-fiction, but the fact is that the technology had been developed into reality by at least the 1960s…”
    The technological mind control is a covert enslavement of humanity which must be stopped as quickly as possible. It has been being performed on unaware people in the secret shadows of a global covert war for decades now. The late Philip Coppens reported that "In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. . . Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men's minds. "We might call it in its new form brain warfare.” Many blame only “the government,” but victims of technological mind control, and other forms of microwave targeting, include government personnel and media, as well as common citizens. The sadistic mind control programming appears to be pitting government and citizens, as well as family members, against each other and this cannot have a good result if it is allowed to continue. We should be standing up for each other, instead of fighting against each other, since we are all in this together. There are privately owned satellites “for internet purposes,” And there probably are other privately owned space and ground based technologies as well. The field of medicine, from psychiatry and dental to universities and hospitals appears to be heavily involved in the targeting and it is very possible that many of the physical and mental illnesses, which are inflicted with radio waves (microwaves) being shot into our bodies, could be for the purpose of financial gain through the sale of pharmaceuticals. . . some of which may also contain the compounds that aid technological mind control.
   Part of the sadistic technological targeting includes the torturing of heavily Targeted Individuals who are suffering indescribably. Within the covert war, unaware citizens and mind control victims have been being lured into, or targeted/tortured into, a sadistic covert program, which uses them to help technologically target or harass or recruit fellow citizens, sometimes under the guise of it being good or “help.” There appear to be false covert “rescues” of isolated and tortured Targeted Individuals, which lead to complete enslavement of those of us who are thought to be missing or dead. Please help spread the word on this. Public awareness can stop the recruiting process and deliver severe victims and their families the validation and understanding that is desperately needed.

   Criminal use of ground and space based technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves, is probably the most dangerous thing humanity has been face with. Never, in the history of humanity, has there been a more crucial time for the Heart of humanity to rise into a strong, PEACEFUL, public stand for Freedom. I beg government and media officials, in America, as well as around the globe, to let your Hearts unite and stand up for us.

   Please give this information the benefit of your doubt. Please copy and share this paper with as many people as possible. Gather loved ones and neighbors into supportive groups and stay calm and act peacefully. Avoid the sadistic covert program/secret society and follow your own Hearts above all else. Do what you can to protect yourself, especially your brain. Please help remedy the obstacle of radio wave blockers being illegal to obtain in some countries. Pray or wish for the full restoration of our Freedom and do all that you can to help stop criminal use of radio wave technologies.

ATTENTION GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS; There may be modes of technological “protection” that have been a sly enslavement and filters, which bypass the low frequencies used for mind control, built into radio wave detect and blocking technologies. I hope this is investigated.

A PDF of this to print and pass it to as many people as possible;

P.S. Today a library computer was shut down, blocking my access, while I had my email account open. So, I am concerned about what may have happened. I hope it was closed out and not accessed by those who target me.Technological torture of my brain vamped up to painful levels as I worked on editing this paper, which I started trying to do over a month ago. Its been hell, but I think I finally made it a bit better. Please print it and help pass it out, since there is not much I can do, due to being so heavily targeted and monitored. Thank you.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Graveyard Bar Song

Graveyard Bar
copyright 6-22-2017 by Sharon R. Poet

I went to the bar for just one more drink
Could have stayed but needed time to think.
So I am at the grave yard talking to a stone
Although it cannot hear me, I am not alone
On my long way here, inside a crooked turn,
I thought I saw a Dove - something I can learn.
There's a white butterfly slowly flitting by
While I vent anguish over my heart's need to cry
I want to feel peace here, but am wound up tight
Puffing another cigarette and waiting for the Light.
Just one more stoke and then yet another sip
To stop the quiver inside my tightest lip.
Trees are still living and standing tall and strong,
Like I wish I were outside this bar-room song.

CHORUS; I took my bar-room to the graveyard where I sit alone
Talking to the shadows beneath a strangers stone.
Took my bar-room to the graveyard and its amazing what I saw.
Am I really just "crazy?" Am I? Am I totally nuts?
Or am I just someone who dares to see too much?

There's an America flag trying to wave in tall grass.
And I have too many questions that I cannot ask.
Oh fly high for us your stripes and brightest stars.
Sooth away our pain and embrace our scars.
I truly do Love you. Oh, why can't you see?
I just want us saved - them and you and me.
Can't you feel it. . . beneath stories untold -
The pain and confusion honesty can unfold?

Four Turkeys meander toward a hunting Hawk
Who flies into thick trees and begins to talk.
Shine a Light for them, God, clear and strong.
Their difficulties have been too hard and long.
Hawk circles and calls above the tallest tree.
Then a little Blue jay comes to screech at me.
Why must they bicker? Dear Blue Jay stand for us
With the Hawks and Doves, and stop all the fuss.

CHORUS; I took my bar-room to the graveyard where I sit alone
Talking to the shadows beneath a strangers stone.
Took my bar-room to the graveyard and its amazing what I saw.
Am I really just "crazy?" Am I? Am I totally nuts?
Or am I just someone who dares to see too much?

Oh, I don't want to notice, but there it is again -
Jesus on a cross! They're still killing Him!
Raven issues a warning from a dieing tree.
God please shine a Light for Jesus and for me.
"The world is a mess and I am a mess," I dare moan.
How can things get better if we accept the bones?
There's a broken white stone with an empty face.
No name or date or stamp to mark its little place.
This song was broken by a stalker and microwaves.
The rest remains unspoken around the empty graves.

CHORUS; I took my bar-room to the graveyard where I sit alone
Talking to the shadows beneath a strangers stone.
Took my bar-room to the graveyard and its amazing what I saw.
Am I really just "crazy?" Am I? Am I totally nuts?
Or am I just someone who dares to see too much?

PS. I wrote this yesterday. Its still a work in progress.

Empty Promise

This is it - its summer - another time gone by
When a promise of help sits empty on my sigh.
Were all these years of waiting and suffering in vein?
How can nothing here for us sooth away my pain?
How can hope start over with only a broken feather in my hand
And too many promises broken? I don't understand.


Monday, June 19, 2017

I'm Worried

     I am worried about a man who lost his jobs and his wife and his children and his home after he witnessed life threatening damage done to my vehicle on two different occasions. I am worried about other witnesses too, because I do not know what is happening to most of them and I know some have been being targeted. I am also worried about loss of evidence. And I am still deeply concerned about my estranged loved ones who have been being targeted in ways that they do not even realize. My fight to expose the targeting has been long and hard and I hope it will help all of us. 

I wish they were aware and we were all free of the targeting so we could be together and be free to love each other and support each other and recover...etc.

Chemotherapy Concern

   Some forms of Chemotherapy may be good for some types of natural illnesses. I really do not know much about it. However, I feel that there may be types of chemotherapy that damage people in ways that aid technological mind control.
   My concern started in 2006 when a doctor told me I was nearly dead and needed chemotherapy. At that time, I'd had a dream which showed my "illness" being caused by dark energy being shot at me and had felt that the chemo would be even more damaging to me, so I refused treatment. I now feel that the "dark energy" was the microwaves/radio wave targeting and that, at that time, it was being done in ways that were intended to force me into medical treatment, including chemotherapy. I am so glad I didn't let them do that to me. And I hope other people listen to their instincts above all else, when it comes to taking any sort of pharmaceuticals. Doctors do not always know what is best for us. It appears that, in this holocaustal targeting, they are sometimes even used to hurt us. The field of medicine seems heavily involved in the targeting. I hope it is all exposed and stopped soon.

   I feel that there are many different types of pharmaceuticals, which aid the technological mind control, and have been being pushed onto people who are not really physically or mentally ill, but are experiencing microwave/radio wave targeting, perhaps just to be put on the meds for monetary gain and/or to aid technological mind control.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets
hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a
STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. I am concerned for the wife of someone I know who told me his wife was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. I feel that she may be being targeted. I hope the chemo does not damage her in the ways that enable complete technological enslavement or any other form of inner death. And the same for all others who suffer due to cruel technological and pharmaceutical targetings.

The Bill

   Those who target me claim to be just giving us what we want and keep asking what I want so this is it. I don't believe in the law suit craze, especially those against the government that us heavily Targeted Individuals have been being pushed into by those who target us. But I do believe in people taking responsibility for their actions. I have felt from the start that the core of the targeting has been being done by a satanic occult and that the the top leaders, of all the hell we are experiencing, hide in the back ground watching the wars and destruction...etc. This condensed version of a bill is for them.

Please permanently stop all the targeting and immediately pay me what you owe me in a one lump sum payment that has no strings attached, since I already paid for them one way or the other. I’ll appreciate it very much, because I DO NOT WANT you to keep holding me in a state of destitution and forcing me to beg for little scraps of money from your operatives who limit the amount of help I get, especially when I need it for things that will help protect me...etc. You claim to give us what we want so... I DO WANT THE FOLLOWING THINGS.

1. Reimbursement to me of Freedom; Please permanently restore my Freedom from ALL aspects of the targeting. . .and do the same for the world I live in - for the rest of humanity, so that I can freely live a healthy life in a safe and free world.

2. Reimbursement to me of all the personal property and all the money that your operatives have either stolen from me, caused me to lose or forced me to spend due to the targeting. And the same for all others who have been being targeted.

3. Reimbursement to me for every year, since the year 2001, of the average yearly income, which you prevented me from earning, PLUS all that was spent on and all that could have been earned by my mission with my books, poetography prints, songs and other artistic works, which you sabotaged.

4. All losses and expenses instigated by the taking of my Loudon, NH home, the fire in my Andover, NH home and the forced sale of my "Adirondack Shack" - my in New York...etc.

5. Reimbursement to me for all moneys that have been earned by my works through those whom you used to plagiarize them. This includes, but is not limited to, my second "I Sing" song, which is sung by Tim Mcgraw and called "Last Dollar" and also some other name. And I want all of my creative works to be returned to me so that I can use my own songs and poems...etc., without running into difficulties with what looks like set ups for plagiarizers to pretend that I am the one who plagiarized if I were to ever succeed with my work.

6. Reimbursement to me of the amount of money I have had to spend on medical bills due to any aspect of the targeting.

7. Reimbursement of money I spent on every phone, computer, camera, guitar, vehicle...etc., that was damaged or lost in any way or form, due to the targeting.

8. The return of all of my personal property that was scoffed up by your operatives as you shoved me into destitution and instigated their loss on many occasions.

9. The amount of all money I borrowed (and still owe), while being held in destitution and struggling to survive. This includes what I owe three banks, several hospitals, several churches and many individuals...etc.

10. Reimbursement to me of the inheritance, from a friend, that you appear to have had people take from me in 2001.

11. My life back; All of my loved ones permanently returned to me in a state of being completely free of all mind control and other forms of targeting and them and the rest humanity fully aware of what has been happening to us so that we can heal from it together. And the same for other heavily Targeted Individuals, so that we can heal together as well, because we need each other's validation. Please also pay for our choices of modes of recovery from what you have done to us.

I reserve the right o ad to this since I am being too heavily targeted to think of every possible detail and way of perceiving it.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   Is this a joke or what?! Seriously though. Its only fair. I have been experiencing indescribable difficulty with having to beg for money just to survive living in a vehicle. This has been very distressing, on top of all the other parts of the targeting, especially when I have gotten harassed, or have been in more danger, for begging for money in parking lots...etc. Though I deeply appreciate the batches of uncomplicated help I have gotten since around 2012, I am in deep need of more financial help, in order to relieve this part of my distress, until a miracle happens to stop the targeting and I can get back onto my own feet. Would you please let your Heart care to send me as much monetary help as you can? It can be done anonymously with bits of cash each week or things like postal checks for more...etc. Please let your heart help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Please Stand Up

   I again want to beg those who are being used in the sadistic covert program to find the Heart and the courage to step out of it with a group of people/witnesses and fully and peacefully stand up for yourselves and us and America and humanity.

 God, help humanity to be completely
set free and have a chance to recover.

I wrote this poem, in the Spring of 2014, for those who are completely enslaved and are missing or thought to be dead.

How many alive are thought to be gone?
How many shoved into that lethal "home"?
They are the angels we now need
To step out and stop the bleed.
Beneath the numbing microwave's pill
Our hearts Truly love them still.
Please come back.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Bits of Validation

    When I run across bits of validation from sub media forums that are standing up for us Targeted Individuals, (TIs) I feel grateful. I deeply appreciate their courage. And I'd do more to thank them in comments on their articles, but I have been being blocked from them, much of the time.
   I have concerns too though, because most of the exposure in the sub media seems to focus primarily on the "gang stalking" and is laced with blame against our families and/or the government, which is understandable, since these are the places we have been being programed to blame. And their silence...etc., makes them look guilty. Its easy to blame them when we are not aware of the extent of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control which can seriously influence not only our loved ones, but also community members in all arenas. . .both inside and outside the government.
    The technological mind control is a critically important component in the sadistic targeting, because it is used on our loved ones and community members, in order to keep us isolated and disbelieved and unhelped and sometimes even completely forgotten or framed for crimes...etc. Much of humanity appears to already be enslaved. Most of the covert harassment  appears to be done by mind control victims who are unaware of being used.  Some of them appear to have been recruited or tortured into the covert program under the guise of it being good and "helpful." This level of the stalkers are used to try to recruit or abduct us under the guise of it being a covert "rescue." Some appear to be torture victims who have been recruited, by their own abusers, in order to seek revenge on those whom they are convinced have been torturing them, in a covert war for freedom that merely adds to the horrible destruction of it. In one way or another, most of them are victims too. But some are actual criminals who do things like tamper with brakes on vehicles or shoot things into tires or spray something on our windshield that prevents us from seeing through it when it rains or drug and rape us, or steal from us or destroy our property, or inflict us with parasites...etc.
   We TIs also experience the mind control in ways that sabotage relationships and block our hearts and block us from getting the proper kinds of help. It can make us appear "mentally ill," or make us forget important pieces of evidence, or make it look like we are just catastrophizing things that are really even worse then we can express...etc. The tortures and mind control can practically drop us to our knees in physical and/or emotional agony one day, and then make us look happy and OK - like nothing is really happening to us, the next day.  The result can be devastating and like being trapped in a desolate public prison.
    Aside from the covert harassment (gang stalking), and the parasite targeting and chemical/bacteria targeting, and the technological mind control, we also experience technological tortures to various parts of our bodies, especially in our head and breasts and pubic area. We are experiencing horrible, holocaustal levels of physical and psychological torture, while being surrounded by people who are not even free to follow their own minds and Hearts and realize or believe or care about what is happening to us. This is more excruciating then words can express, especially when we are not aware of the mind control that uses people to either prevent or withhold various types of help or limit and control the amounts of financial help we get once we are shoved into destitution. We are in desperate need of compassion, validation, understanding, protection from further harm...etc. But all of humanity must become aware, be set free and start recovering, in order for our lives to return to normal even if the targeting stopped on us.

   The darkest core of the sadistic targeting is criminal use of radio wave technologies, which has been performing various types of mind control and torture upon much of humanity and it must be quickly stopped. Please help to stop it from continuing - Please help set humanity free.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deprivation of Nurturing Nourishment?

  In the early 1980s I had two babies whom I had wanted to breast feed. But I was forced to give them formula due to experiencing excruciating pain when I tried to nurse them. This happened with both of my children. Now that I am aware of the sadistic targeting I feel that the pain may have been technologically inflicted, in order to deprive my children of the mother-child bonding that breast feeding can provide and/or to force me to give them formula instead of the natural milk that would have been better for them.
   This leads me to wonder about baby formula. Since certain types of pharmaceuticals aid technological mind control, and have even been found in public drinking water, is it possible that baby formula could contain traces of at least one of them? I hope someone investigates to find out.
   No matter what may or may not be in baby formula, surely a mother's natural milk is what is best for children. I'd like to urge parents to breast feel their children, no matter how inconvenient it may be, so that the babies can receive the healthiest food and the nurturing bond that nursing can provide. I wish I could have done this. Not being able to was hard for me.

   Please help our children - humanity's future, to be free of pharmaceutical and technological mind control so they can grow into all that they were born to be. And please do everything in your power to stop criminal use of ground and space based technologies that have been being used to target people. . . including little defenseless babies!

Please Help Stop Technological Mind Control from Continuing to Destroy Humanity

   My writings have contained a heavy focus on the technological and pharmaceutical mind control because I feel that it is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity. The infliction of technological and pharmaceutical mind control prevents the natural process of personal growth and can block or interfere with our Hearts and our ability to listen to our natural instincts....etc.
   In my dreams, through the past decade or so, my children are depicted as being young children (under ten years old) even in current circumstances. And I strongly feel that this is because their natural process of inner growth stopped when the technological mind control vamped up on them around the late 1980s. This leaves me deeply concerned for them as well as the rest of humanity.
   Even if you do not believe in dreams, or my interpretation of this scenario, I beg you to listen to your own common sense, which can tell you that ANYTHING, which interferes with our natural process of thinking and feeling also interferes with our natural process of personal growth. And our natural process of personal growth is needed, in order for us to grow into all that we were born to be. Humanity needs to be set free and our children - our future need to be protected from further harm.
   Technological mind control can interfere with, or even completely block our most valuable tool - our Hearts. Just look around the world and see its effects through the past few decades. There has been a growing darkness that must be stopped.
   Technological mind control can interfere with, or even completely block natural instincts, which are needed by every human being, especially those who work in professions like law enforcement - from local through federal. Please THINK about this and the ramifications of dulled or blocked instincts in mind control victims of all kinds. I beg all levels of law enforcement to openly stand up against technological and pharmaceutical mind control for them selves as well as us.
   The list of harm that technological mind control has been inflicting upon humanity could go on and on and on. It is just too horribly wrong and intrusive and damaging and it has to be stopped ASAP. Humanity needs to be free to think and feel and grow...etc.

   Please help set humanity free from technological mind control and the pharmaceuticals and torturous technological targetings that aid its process, as quickly as possible. Please do everything in your power to help stop criminal use of all space and ground based technologies which can emit radio waves. . .as quickly as possible.


   The targeting has been severe lately. Lot of technological torture of various kinds on top of the covert stuff. And there appears to be another heavy push to make me look crazy and declared insane. I hope they do not succeed. I wish I had protection from it. Am not holding up very well, but doing the best I can to hang in here.

Are they trying to drive me crazy
so they can say that I was? 

Monday, June 5, 2017

For Forgiveness to Blossom

  There are many things that I have been feeling confused about or hurt by and I hope for this hell to end with Freedom being regained and direct/overt, positive resolution, in all places where it is possible, so that forgiveness can blossom.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

From Vengeance to Freedom

   In a free world we are able to stand up for what we feel is right, and stand up to publicly expose what is wrong, so that things can get better. In an enslaved world, where sadistic technological mind control has been inflicted, the opposite can happen and this is too unfortunate.
   My experiences have shown me that the technological mind control programming, that has been being used to enslave humanity, pushes severe victims, or covertly uses unaware victims, to seek vengeance against grievances instead of doing the functional listening and looking at and altering behaviors...etc. This creates a horrible situation for people in my type of situation. There are many times when the more I felt and said or wrote about the wrongs/crimes that have been being committed against me as well as many others, the worse things got for me. They'd retaliate instead of caring and striving to make things better. And this has appeared to happen in almost every arena that I have been associated with.
   Clearly we are not living in a free world. It appears that most of humanity has already been enslaved and is influenced by a horribly dysfunctional, often cruel, technological mind control programming. This is a critical holocaustal situation, not only for people like myself who are being heavily targeted/tortured, but also for those who are enslaved by, or used in, the sadistic covert program. But the answer is not to cower in fear as they seek revenge, although I have been doing my share of this, even recently. Its a scary situation I am in! But my heart's Wisdom says that the primary answer is to let our Hearts. . .

Openly stand up for Freedom for all
until it has been completely regained.

Please stand up for Freedom, instead of seeking revenge against me.
Please stop the covert wars and peacefully stand up for Freedom.


P.S. We need more people peacefully and publicly standing up for Freedom from technological mind control...etc.,, especially media and government officials of all levels, in order to stop it from continuing and growing. . .and to start restoring the Heart of humanity.
   Its still OK to embrace and share our feelings. It will just
be a lot easier to do when our Freedom has been regained.