My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, May 20, 2017

When "Help" Hurts

Some of the most sadistic parts of the covert
targeting are done under the guise of "help."

   Because those who target me have a habit of pretending to "help" while doing the opposite things can get WAY too confusing for me if there really is good help that is acting covertly. When I think of the possibility of genuine good/uncontrolled people physically trying to approach me, in ways that are covert, it concerns me, because I do not think they can do anything without those who target me knowing about it.
   Like I have been saying for years now, I strongly feel that "Its safer to stand in the Light" - its safer to fully stand (OVERTLY) with me and acknowledge the targeting if you are not a part of it and really want to help me and others. . .and I wish you would, because I had a prophetic dream of people deciding to publicly stand up, which showed them not getting hurt for doing so. It may be too late for this to happen for me, but it can happen for others and for America and for the rest of Humanity.

It is safer to stand in the light