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Monday, May 15, 2017

VERY Disturbing Round of Targeting

   I was going to do a bit of editing of my last few posts, since I wrote them while being heavily targeted with a lot of technological torture through the process. But before I could do much I was rudely confronted/harassed by the head of the Goffstown Library and another puppet who tried blocking me from my car as I aimed to leave, and am a bit overwhelmed today.

   I am experiencing a heavy round of both technological and covert targeting in the past week or so. Some of this appears to be manipulations designed to make me look crazy or dangerous...etc. In the past week I have had police knock on my door THREE times, kicking me out of THREE peaceful places that I tend to park in when I am overwhelmed and need peace. Two were Goffstown police who told me that I was being recorded and video taped, which is a new thing that I cannot help but wonder about, especially since the timing of it is when I was woken from sleep and when I was obviously not feeling well. I hope they are not part of the recent round of targeting, but can not know for sure.