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Friday, May 12, 2017

Back Up Email Account Compromised?

   I was receiving threats to wipe out my google accounts and emails. This forced me to try to do another backup blog with a yahoo email account. (My brain was being heavily lasered through this process) So I foolishly opened my old yahoo email, yesterday, which contained a few years of backup emails and blog posts from my google accounts. (sharonpoet (at) rocketmail.com) It now appears that this is what they wanted! I quickly logged out and opened a new yahoo address but. . . This morning, at the Goffstown library, after a series of manipulations which included the blocking of my accessing my new yahoo email address - forcing me to have an access key sent to my Gmail address, they ended up having the old Yohoo email address opened without my even getting a text message, which is supposed to happen! They somehow opened a different Yahoo email address from the one I was trying to access! And I am 200% certain it was not my mistake. I am deeply concerned because this Ramblings... blog and its books and even some of my emails and print outs have been being ersed, stolen or altered!

I'm soooooo upset that I let them manipulate me into accessing my old Yahoo Rocketmail email account yesterday! Its contents were really all I had left for a defense against what appears to be alterations being made in my writings in order to set me up for various things and/or to cover up the targeting. It is horribly difficult to watch evidence and witnesses being destroyed, in various ways, while I am waiting for help to arrive for us. I really do not want to blame good people who may want to be here for us but just can't. However my frustration is justified. This is all extremely difficult.

[ Update 5/15/2017; It is possible that the email just "APPEARED" to be open in a false web page type of manipulation. But they still most likely accessed it. I am experiencing another round of manipulations that appear to be designed to make me look crazy or dangerous...etc. A couple days after this they also again blocked my phone functions - forcing me to erase evidence I had stored there.
   After I wrote the statement above a librarian puppet said, "OK" and then walked out of the room and then the head of the Goffstown library rudely confronted me, telling me that she got a link to this post, which mentioned them and she accused me of lieing and intentionally spreading untrue rumors...etc. My brain was being lasered into extreme anger during this so they probably expected me to react worse than I did. But I did tell her that she was the one who was lieing about her staff not being used as puppets to harass me and her claims of their computers being completely safe. (I had told her that I do not blame the library or her staff for the computer infiltrations - that its the web, but this made no difference to her.) She handed me a formal letter, which she said demanded that I not return to the library and said she'd call the police if I came back, as if I'd want to after this THIRD time of her harassing me on top of her staff harassing me literally every time I go in. I ripped the letter in half and threw it onto the computer station and told her to take it and "shove it." Not nice. I agree. Not my usual character at all. I agreed with her when she said that I was "not a good model of a human" but, even while my brain is being lasered into extreme anger, and I am being harassed I am clearly a better model than she is when being a puppet who covers for and follows criminals who are harassing harassing and hurting me. But it didn't end there. I walked out of the library to find another puppet parked at an angle into my car, preventing me from accessing my driver side door. Ours were the only two cars in the whole parking area, so this was not a space issue. Its a common intentional crowding. They are VERY obviously trying to trigger me lately. I guess they wanted me to rage at the puppet who was blocking my access to my car, but I just asked her to please move her car so that I could get into mine. I drove to kinder library to add this second paragraph to this update.]

   After this I drove to New Boston library to use their safer Apple computers, in order to try to secure my Rocketmail email account. . .just to find out that they recently switched to PCs and actually have them set up to retain email addresses and opened accounts, even after the computers have been shut down and rebooted!!!!! Someone else's Yahoo email account was open on the Yahoo page AFTER I had problems and had one of the puppet librarians shut down and reboot the computer, at which time she told me that all would be wiped out of it. Then I was again blocked from accessing my Rocketmail address, but after I left I got a second access code on my cell phone and a puppet appeared to be rushing into the library. I went back in and confronted them, because they redid their system to be FAR LESS safe than any other library that I know of and I feel certain that this was intentional and possibly even set up for what happened to me today. So many are being used in the dark covert program that has been taking over America and targeting people like me that its horribly discouraging.

[ update 5-19-2017; I erased a few sentences that were here. They were just a bit of venting of frustration with there still not being any good solid help while "evidence and witnesses have been being destroyed . .like last summer when I was held prisoner in a parking lot and forced to leave my car, which was then infiltrated and some of my writings stolen and a printed paper swapped." I don't want it to offend good officials who may someday be able to help us.]

   The emails in my Yahoo Rocketmail account were the ONLY batches of my writings that had not been infiltrated, that I know of anyway. And it feels horrible that I have lost that last bit of privacy and evidence of altered writings. I just don't know what to do! I feel completely trapped and too vulnerable and at the mercy of those who obviously can do whatever they want with me as well as my writings. I'd had dreams of becoming a "prisoner of war" and fear that some of their manipulations and alterations of my writings may be heading in that direction, which I have felt could only happen if America became COMPLETELY taken over. . . So this is all scary as hell, literally. God help save America and restore our Freedom.

   My blogs have been my backup in case something happens to me and my private websites are wiped out due to my not being able to pay for them. My backup blogs for information on the targeting are www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com  and  www.targeted11.blogspot.com  and www.technologicalholocaust.blogspot.com. The blog for part of my original work is www.heartbud.blogspot.com and one on Weebly that was wiped out. And I want to hold onto these, in case anything happens to me. They have been well established and I do not want my primary email account wiped out, because I am already too dangerously isolated.