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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Another Death Threat

After yesterday's round of hell with the email stuff I vented my frustration in my car for a while, probably offending those who could hear me, but I feel that genuinely good decent people would understand and not judge me for any rantings (verbal or written) while I am trapped in this torturous hell. But someone had an issue with my posting the email stuff and/or my venting, because I was woken, shortly after I fell asleep, by an angry voice yelling and repeating, "I hate you. I am going to murder you."
   Through the mess with my old Yahoo email being accessed by those who target me and infiltrate computers I use, my younger brother sent text messages and called to ask me for help with house sitting, which reminded me of his situation which I have been worried about, because I feel that he was targeted/tortured into various surgeries, which seem to have vamped up the mind control and possibly even forced him into the sadistic program that targets us all. (Sadly, my going to his home would not be safe for me or him at this point.) I have been worried about him and many others who are victims too, just in different ways from the way I am. My heart aches for him and other loved ones who have also been being targeted/tortured...etc. My fight to expose the targeting has been to get help and protection for all of us and its more painful than words can describe, to have to watch them being hurt or controlled or used or destroyed as year after year crawls on my. Even though the targeting has forced me into remaining isolated from them I still notice and sense a lot and I witnessed a lot of the targeting on them back when we were together. I was not aware at that time, but now that I am, I can look back and see it clear as a bell. We are all trapped in the hell, just in different ways. God help us all.

   Through yesterday, as well as an uncountable number of other situations, they threatened to delay or withhold help due to my writing about what has happened or my venting or feelings. (They are even leaving me dimes, presumably to call someone who cares, during times like yesterday when my tears surface and my feelings poor out verbally.") Some of what they do to me appears to be tests or interrogations that are followed by judgments. There have been uncountable rounds of this as well. I can not know who is doing this. But I pray that none of it is not being done by officials whom I have been waiting for help from, because I need to retain hope for the good, decent, honest help that my heart keeps telling me will be here as soon as it can. I don't want to blame it for not being able to be here yet. But it hurts that it hasn't been. It hurts a lot.

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