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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Horrible Set Up

 Updated June 01, 2017: I started out trying to share every detail of this situation on this post, but this becomes too difficult to do while continuing to be technologically tortured and harassed while I try to focus on writing. And this is not a report - its just a bit of what is happening to me. I have gone back and forth on how to deal with this situation.  (I need an honest, professional, NON-covert adviser who is completely aware of everything that is happening, right now. Just because it can't happen doesn't mean its not needed.) This, as well as many other situations is like a horrible catch 22. There is a danger in my remaining silent about the rounds of targeting that appear to be set ups to frame me...etc. But there is also a danger in saying too much because they could either seek revenge, which has been happening, or lie and pretend none of it is happening at all, furthering the aim to make me look crazy. . .and I am in too much of a vulnerable situation. These are VERY legitimate concerns. I have shortened this post and left just the basic scenario with the hope that it will prevent this set up from succeeding. It will not be perfect, because I have been being technologically tortured and covertly harassed while I am writing this. More details can be made available if the need should arise.

   Since my computers were disabled last year and I was forced to use library computers and forced to tolerate horrible levels of harassment from within the computers as well as from library employees and other puppets who follow me into the libraries. I am not being allowed to freely write. And now it appears that some of the librarian puppets are being used to seek revenge on me for writing about what happens to me in libraries.
    Since I feel that most of the puppets who are used to harass me are unaware victims of technological mind control I feel sorry for them. But this recent round of targeting, which also included painful vamp ups in technological tortures of my body,  went beyond the usual harassment and into what looks like a set up to provoke me and make it look like I am crazy and/or dangerous. It felt like a serious threat to what little is left of my independence, safety and freedom! People blatantly badgering me while I am being tortured is so cruel there really are no words for it. I did not react violently toward anyone, but even if I had reacted worse than I did it would be understandable to anyone with a heart.
   Libraries are not the only places where I get harassed, not nearly. And I have never, not even in my thoughts, felt that the libraries are responsible for the computer infiltrations, because I feel that it has been being done through the new computer programs and/or the web. But it appears that some Librarians are now being used to seek vengeance on me for writing about small parts of what happens to me in libraries.
   Perhaps part of the problem was also that I had recently given a couple kind library employee puppets a printed copy of my newly edited "Calling all Hearts" paper, with the hope of enlightening them, which I have periodically done in many places.

   Words cannot fully describe what is happening in our world. It truly is a holocaustal situation for EVERYONE involved and far more people should be openly standing up against it, because it thrives and grows in the silence that has surrounded it for too many decades now. I keep hoping that things are getting better, instead of worse, and I am waiting for proof of this.

God help America and Humanity to be totally set Free.