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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Perfluorinated Chemicals Found in New Hampshire Seacoast Area Water!

Please read all of this very carefully and follow your own Heart and instincts into doing all that you can to remedy the problem.

    I feel deeply concerned after reading a small WMUR report about an unusually large amount of "perfluorinated chemicals" being found in New Hampshire Seacoast area water. I wonder if this is part of the covert sadistic targeting of America and humanity. Is the contamination intentional or accidental?  Could it be part of the eugenics based and/or technological targetings?
    The technological applications of Fluorinated chemicals, and the fact that they are being found in water supplies would raise a red flag for anyone who is aware of the technological targeting of humanity. And I hope it is seriously investigated by those who can freely do so.
   If "Fluorinated chemicals - FluoroTechnology...are used…to enable high-speed data transfer” in technologies, could it also be used to aid technological/radio wave mind control or other forms of technological targeting when it is ingested into human bodies?

   Polymer fibers have been being found in victims of the mysterious “Morgellons Dissease,” which is common in heavily Targeted Individuals.

This definition states that Polymer fibers are “used in telecommunications” and that it “transmits light (for illumination or data)”; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic_optical_fiber

Polymer fibers are also reported to have been used to help liquids float in the air for longer, like what may be used in chem-trails. Is this the same thing? I don't know.

Please research this further. I can not do much right now. And please help stop it from continuing no matter what it is from or for.

     I feel that we are already faced with horrific holocaustal levels, of an enslavement of humanity, which utilizes technological mind control that has been aided by microchips and continues to be greatly aided by certain types of pharmaceuticals, (especially antidepressants) which have been being heavily pushed upon people and even reported to be found in a couple dozen public water supplies in America in 2008.


   Those who target me have periodically blocked my new posts that contain new realizations about the targeting. It appears that they are in some sort of competition and want to be the first to post or report things that I am in the process of sharing.  The last time this happened was with this post, in the morning of March 6, 2017. That post was blocked from sending a copy to my email and that of those who follow this blog. The day after I posted it I am also being blocked from accessing my blog through my email and had to try different browsers and computers, in order to post this update.  I am concerned that public reports, done by those who are actually doing the targeting, could add in the misplaced blame stuff, and pushes for lawsuits, which just perpetuates the targeting under the guise of helping to expose it. Its a hell of a racket that just has to be stopped.
   But please do not leap too quickly to judge those who report the targeting either, because it needs to be exposed. . .and some may be being honest and some may be just believing what they have been told and some may be unaware mind control victims who are merely being used by those who are fully responsible...etc. Its all very confusing. There has been a desperate need for professionals to honestly expose all aspects of the sadistic targeting and the technological enslavement of humanity. 
   I hope my information reaches beyond those who target me. . .to uncontrolled people who can do more to help expose and remedy the whole targeting situation. http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/2017/04/perfluorinated-chemicals-being-found-in.html