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Monday, April 17, 2017

Cover Up of Technological Targeting?

Crippled Grope for Help
   It appears that those of us who are aware of, and have been exposing, the technological parts of the sadistic targeting may be in danger of being inflicted with other things that our symptoms can be blamed on - things like parasites or tumors or other ailments that appear to be natural but are also inflicted by those who target us. (They can not call us ALL "mentally ill" so I guess they need other avenues to cover up the technological targeting, especially that which is inflicted through space based technologies.) For example; a victim who "complains" about being lasered in the pubic area may end up with a parasite infliction that it can be blamed on. (This happened to me.) But the victim knows, because there is a very noticeable difference between the different types of inflictions. I also feel that things like morgellons has been being inflicted upon heavily "Targeted Individuals" so that the technological tortures can be blamed on the parasites...etc.
   Of course, "life happens" - people do get ill from natural causes...etc., (and it appears that humanity has been being experiencing parasite targeting on a massive scale) but the technological targetings are also happening. The inflictions to cover up the technological part of the targeting should not stop us from standing up against it, it just needs to also be exposed so they can not get away with it.

   They have periodically inflicted me with various types of parasites, including literally shooting ticks into my car last summer. Puppets walking or standing close behind me and putting something in my hood or on the back of my head has happened a lot, including just recently! ("Got you," they said after they recently did it!) I have actually caught them doing these things and some of them are hard to get rid of! There is a lot more but that is not what this post is for.
   They have been threatening to inflict me with various types of cancers and disabilities, in order to stop me from writing and, if they do, this can also be used to cover up the technological targeting, although that is what would be used to inflict the disability.
   They can only get away with technologically inflicting an illness, in order to hide other technological inflictions, if too many people, especially professionals who could help us) are not aware of the capabilities, and criminal use of radio wave technologies, especially space based laser weapons and microwave weapons, psychotronic weapons, RMN, DEWs...or whatever else they are now being called, in order to hide past reports of their criminal use. Please help spread awareness.