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Monday, April 17, 2017

Attempts to Stop Me From Writing

    I recently experienced another round where my pen suddenly stopped writing although it was not out of ink. This has periodically happened, at strategic times, and happened severely around 2002 when I was trying to resurrect my "Embracing Feelings" book into "Embracing Sadness" after it the final manuscripts was destroyed in a suspicious fire. My pen would stop writing and I'd pick up another one and then that one would stop writing....and on it would go until I switched to a pencil, but then things like a sudden onset of extreme fatigue would sometimes hit me...etc. At that time I did not know anything about the covert or technological targeting, (I was completely oblivious) but I thought the pen thing was odd, because they were not running out of ink, I ended up thinking that it was probably from my home being colder than the norm and that perhaps this had an effect on the ink. I now think that they were either lasering the tips of my pens or doing something else to prevent them from functioning properly. And as I write this I am realizing that this is what pushed me more fully toward doing even my initial writings on a computer.
   The threat of inflicting me with a disability is also again happening lately and appears to be to stop me from writing. Aside from an increase of disabled puppets being placed around me, my right hand has periodically been going numb for no apparent reason. I woke this morning with both of my hands feeling numb and I feel that it was not due to the way I slept. My neck has been being lasered lately, particularly while I am doing blog posts that they obviously do not approve of.  This could easily look like its just a pinched nerve from tension or siting...etc., but it only happens at strategic times and not at other times when I sit for even longer or am even more distressed. I, of course, hope that I will be fine - that it is just another scare tactic.
   This morning, as I only thought about writing this blog post about the disabled pens and disability threats, I experienced sudden jabs of breath stopping pain in my right side, which lasted about five minutes and I believe that it was being done with a laser weapon. And then they sent me the usual "! Schneider" text message as I started logging into my blog.
   This morning I also woke with a projected dream which showed a cut phone wire after subjecting me to another perverted scene. I guess this means cutting off communications? As I wrote part of this post a puppet walked near me jiggling car keys, which appears to be a threat to disable my vehicle.

I guess I must be doing something right lately