My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wish for a Beautiful Sunrise

  I hope that there will be an end to this hell that too many of us have been experiencing. . .and I hope the sadistic targeting and its technological and pharmaceutical mind control, end with the spreading of awareness so that victims, both inside and outside the government, are not blamed and can resolve issues in ways that do not include lawsuit fights and more discord. I hope that all of the people who have been involved learn the Truths about the targeting of people like me, and the manipulations that have surrounded us, so that Hearts can unite into bringing a good, healthy closure to it. Like a beautiful sunrise after the worst of storms. God help us all.

   I am getting serious interference in and around the computer and with radio waves interfering with my brain function as I do these posts today and edit a few other recent ones. Its taking extreme focus just to push the right keys on the keyboard! My heart wanted to write more. . .but they knew that. This happens a lot at the most important times. . .and then I have to fix things. . . and I want it to stop. God, help me too.