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Friday, March 17, 2017

Torturous Night Ends With Being Kicked Out of a Parking Lot

    Last night I was kept awake being tortured with what felt like laser shots to my stomach, back, legs, hips and head. This morning I was suddenly kicked out of a parking lot, that has been OK with me staying there, for no apparent reason except for a vamp up in the targeting and what seems like a dark aim to try to make me leave the area. It looks like they are succeeding. And I'm scared.

   Yesterday I was lasered in the head for looking for pure garlic tablets and buying some at a place other than the store where the product had suddenly sold out just before I got there. This sort of thing has happened a lot. I find it disturbing that it is becoming hard to find good pure full strength garlic tablets, which can easily combat the horrible parasite targeting of humanity and especially heavily Targeted Individuals like myself. God help us all.

New rounds of threats to disable my vehicle are happening now also.