My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Threats or Just Confusing Manipulations?

   While I was making statements, for the re-posting of my "Into the Light" book, names of my family of origin were being called out. This appeared to be either to try to make me blame them and its very disturbing. We have all suffered too much already. Since most (if not all) of my family appears to have been tortured/forced into enslavement, and used in the program that targets me as well as them, I have prayed and fought for their freedom as well as my own - for us all to get good, understanding compassionate help. They are victims too and some of them have probably been hurt more than I have, especially since they are not aware of what has been happening to them.
   A horrible part of the dark, sadistic targeting includes the tearing apart of  families, pitting family members against each other and sometimes isolating a primary victim and then brainwashing or completely enslaving other family members to be used in the program that has them withhold help and sometimes to even take part in the covert targeting of the isolated family member, often in ways that they think are a "rescue," but is actually a push for enslavement and the silencing of the victim who becomes aware. And I feel that this has been happening to my family.
   I am the isolated, primary target in my family, but we are all victims of the covert program that tortures and enslaves. And those who have been unaware and tortured and forced into taking certain pharmaceuticals, and into undergoing certain surgeries, in order to aid the technological mind control, are more enslaved by the dark forces that target us all. Those who have been abducted, sometimes even with their deaths staged, are even worse off. None of us are to blame for what has been happening to us, against our will. We have all desperately needed understanding and compassionate help and protection that has not yet been available for us. And our situation can not be resolved - we can not reunite and recover or even effectively help each other, without the type of help, which can honestly expose and stop at least the technological mind control part of the targeting. I have been, and still am, waiting for that kind of help to be able to be here for all of us. (This does not excuse criminal behaviors.)
    This is soooooo deeply painful - what has been happening to my loved ones and I, which extends beyond my family of origin. I do not know, to what degree some of them have been used in the targeting, but I feel that we have all been hurt indescribably and, through that process deprived, against our will, of each other's understanding and love. I just want the hell to end in a way that genuinely helps all of us instead of hurting us more than we already have been.

     I feel certain that my family is not the only family that has been experiencing this sort of sadistic targeting and that it has been effecting families from all walks of life. I pray that ALL victims of the mind control and torturous targetings that force victims into enslavement, especially in heavily targeted families, soon get the compassionate help, and protection from further harm, that has been desperately needed for too long. Too much of the opposite has already happened. I don't want to blame anyone for this type of help not being able to be here for us yet, but we still need it and we need it before even more of the evidence and witnesses are destroyed and without more hardship being inflicted upon the victims. God help us all.

Where darkness is allowed to reign
Good is bruised and victims used
To add to wells of un-shed pain.
What Hearts can care to stand
And end the lethal game?
Who can care to save us,
Not blame or enslave us,
And set us free again?