My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"The Truth, the whole Truth. . ."

   I go through rounds that feel like being imprisoned under technological interrogation and have to prove my innocence while being tortured...etc. And this part of the targeting feels as horrible as the other forms of torture. "I will know if you are lieing," they said as I made some recent statements. And this has happened before. I really do not have anything to be concerned about, because I am being honest, BUT there is much to be worried about with these sorts of intrusions, which are like interrogations from someone whom I do not even know and feels like part of the targeting and not a good thing.  I really do not want to be tried and judged by people who are targeting me and while I am still being targeted. It all feels too intrusive and threatening to me.   I am probably not the picture of absolute perfection in the eyes of the covert law breakers that have been taking over America and targeting, enslaving and using its citizens against each other. But I am a harmless person who does not deserve what has been happening to me. No matter what the situation, or who is behind it, I should not be being covertly interrogated with psychotronic weapons attached to my brain, while being threatened and tortured and slowly destroyed. Its just too wrong. I wish the Heart of America would stand up against all aspects of the targeting, especially the mind control, which enslaves and uses American citizens against each other. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover.

Have I ever sexually abused a child? No.  Those who target me have threatened to frame me as a pedophile, in order to slander me as a way to force me to leap into hiding/enslavement thinking that my life has been ruined. (This appears to be a common tactic in the sadistic covert targeting) At one point they even performed a set up followed by a message that said "framed" on a license plate just before they started yet another round of swarming me with puppet cars pretending to "rescue" me. Pedophile is just one of the things they appear to have been shooting for. I guess they also want people to think that I am a thief, a prostitute, a terrorist, a lesbian...etc. None of them are true and I have nothing to hide from. This is all part of the satanic targeting, which tries to make the good look bad when they can not force us to join them.
   However I have been concerned about them brainwashing someone into thinking that I sexually abused them, like they did to me and my father. It hurts that they can harm someone like that, especially a child. I know the kind of pain of being brainwashed into thinking something horrible that is not true. I pray they do not succeed with anymore of their criminal manipulations.