My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Issue of Trust

   There have been many people, whom I had been close to, that have been either brainwashed into thinking that I am just "mentally ill" or have been being used in the covert program that tortures me, harasses me and tries to force me into enslavement. I can not completely trust any of these people  (not even well known loved ones) until the technological mind control is completely and genuinely stopped on all of them and they can follow only their own hearts and instincts. I also need that freedom and hope it happens soon (like now) for all of us. 
    I can care, for the mind control victims who have been brainwashed against me, but all of my experiences, through the past few decades, have shown me that they can not be a source of comfort or support for me when they treat me badly or do not understand and just keep trying to convince me that I am "mentally ill."  I can also care about people who have been forced/tortured/enslaved into the covert program, but my heart keeps telling me to only fully trust what is not covert and is honest and not controlled - what is proven to be good and trustworthy. In the best of situations, full trust is earned through direct, positive interactions and that is magnified for those of us who are being sadistically targeted
   I used to be extremely trusting - I instantly trusted everyone unless they proved to be untrustworthy. But, realizing that I am being targeted by ill intending people has raised my guards. And sadly, due to the technological mind control targeting, people are not always who they were.
   I have a really hard time dealing with covert stuff, because that is what is used to harass/hurt me and due to my inability to comprehend it and why on earth it even exists except to support the dark targeting and enslavement of humanity. I can understand why covert stuff has to exist in places like the FBI...etc. But in my situation it seems like the whole world has turned covert - its common citizens and people whom I used to know who now even say that they are not who they are if I ask them! Those who act covertly merely add to my discomfort, confusion and distress, whether that is what they are trying to do or not. Its all just too crazy-making!
   Those who are not controlled, are aware, and want to help me or be here for me, can do it overtly - directly/openly and honestly so that it can be a comfort to me and so that trust can be built. Though there is a risk to fully be here for me while I am being targeted, I feel that the danger is primarily due to the secrecy and my isolation from other people. It appears that the less isolated a heavily Targeted Individual is the safer it is for other people to be here for us, especially those who are aware. . .and its safer for us too.
   Its been extremely difficult to be facing all of this, and struggling to survive, the sadistic targeting so completely alone. Sometimes its harder to think that there is help and care, which remains out of my reach. That scenario can be like a form of torture in itself. I have needed people to be here for me - fully HERE for me. Please let your Hearts help break the lethal silence and the isolation that surrounds Targeted Individuals. . .me too.

God help us all to be totally set free
And have a chance to recover