My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Experiences Are Proof

   There are those who seem to think that if I expose my experiences with the targeting it means that I am seeking revenge and then they aim to, (or threaten to) retaliate or withhold help. This is horrible! My exposing my experiences with the targeting are because, until there can be officials and media standing up for us, those of us who are aware must remain in the mode of trying to prove that the sadistic targeting is even happening. . .and we need all the proof that we can get, especially since so much of it has been being destroyed as we wait for good, solid non-covert help.
   Its not wrong for us to write or talk about our experiences with the targeting, we just can not do a very good job with it while being threatened and lasered and harassed and writings altered…etc. TRUE intention is what matters most and all who aim to seek revenge, especially against victims who are already being hurt, are surly part of the targeting. My heart keeps telling me that threats to seek revenge and withhold help are not coming from those who can really help me and is coming from those who target/harm me. I want REAL help.

Threats to withhold help
Mirror threats to harm
In my type of situation.
But it can only hurt if
Good help is withheld.

And good help wouldn't be.
It just can't be here yet.

   I have felt that there are good government officials who want to be here for us, but have just not been able to yet. It is not fair to blame them for not standing up for us, although my frustration and pain sometimes has.  My gut feeling is that, in one way or another, we are all victims of this hell and that something just has to shift, in order for it to finally start coming to an end. God, help that shift to take place.
   The field of medicine seems far more involved with the sadistic technological and pharmaceutical targeting than any other organization. And I hope this is quickly and honestly exposed and stopped.

P.S. There also seems to be those who have negatively judged my work - the writings that share feelings and experiences and the process of healing suppressed pain.  And the same is true for that. It is not wrong to talk about or share anything that happens to us. What that vengeful darkness perceives as being 'against' someone or something can Truly be 'for' us all when the intention is to heal and make things better for all of us. However, the technological and pharmaceutical mind control part of the targeting mucks it all up, especially in the area of genuine perceptions and feelings that can be temporarily altered and/or blocked, at strategic times, by radio waves being shot into the brain and/or certain types of pharmaceuticals, which appear to be being heavily pushed upon people. Please help the technological and pharmaceutical targeting be stopped.