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Friday, March 24, 2017

My Post About the Elections Was Erased

   I had actually recently fully resurrected the (2016) post I wrote after watching some of the presidential debates and felt worried about Trump winning over people like Kasich. In it I had expressed my concerns that a free election could not take place with technological mind control manipulating American citizens. But it now appears that someone has completely erased that post from this blog and also altered the emails of the original posts. Why? And what else has been being manipulated?
   I have noticed that some of those who target me became Trump fans. And people whom I know to be long term mind control victims became Trump fans, which seemed completely contrary to their natural values. And I STILL do not think this is a coincidence.

God help America

   It appears that a large batch of  blog entries is missing from the 14th edition of the book of this blog, about three months worth. It appears that they have changed the pdf on the web, to an earlier version. But I have not had the chance to confirm this.

Its just too intrusive for my writings to be being altered!
And it seems to be just to hide crimes so they can continue.
Please stop!