My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, March 12, 2017

May Truth Light Away the Dark Manipulations

   Many of the manipulations that surround the sadistic technological and pharmaceutical targeting appear to orchestrate things, in order to make the good look bad and even set up victims to be blamed. And its hard to know how to deal with it. But I have been coming to the conclusion that, instead of hiding or erasing things so that the good won't look bad, its best to openly expose what is happening - openly expose the manipulations. This is what I am trying to do lately. I can not do a very good job with it while under fire. But I have been doing the best I can to shine a Light into the dark closets where silence/lack of awareness and fear seems to be the primary things that enable success of the dark manipulations. I want the good to look good. I want the Truths to be known. I want all victims to be loved and helped instead of continuing to be hurt or used or framed or set up or blamed by the dark forces that target us and our loved ones. I want our government to shine for themselves as well as us. I want our Freedom back. Please help to restore our freedom in compassionate ways. We have all already been hurt too much.

Who said, "The Truth Shall Set Us Free"?
Its True.