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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It Is the Way it Was

I'm throwing them out.
    In case I do not end up able to do a final Ramblings of a Targeted Individual book, which hopes to explain old original post...etc., better, I have reposted (on Amazon) some of the older editions that contain original posts that are no longer on this blog. Edition three, edition 12 and edition 14 along with "The Introduction" edition that is the same as what is left on this blog at this date. Lately it feels like I have been being forced to either completely erase them all or keep them.

   There has been horrible levels of controversy about this part of my writings, even various types of threats, including lawsuits, death. I have repeatedly tried to edit them and explain them and apologize for them and fix intrusions. . . and have realized that I just can not do any of this effectively while still being targeted. Those who target me have put me through hell with this, and even instilled a fear that they were good help that will not ever be here for us if my writings are not the way they want them to be or completely erased. Its been a horribly grueling process since around the late fall of 2014. And I have come to the conclusion that good decent people would not even think of withholding help and badgering me to get over five years of writings perfect, while I am still being targeted - technologically tortured and harassed and computers infiltrated...etc. I do not think that anyone, who has any level of decency left in them, will try to hurt me more if our plight gets exposed, just because my writings were not professional enough or politically correct enough...etc. I beg those who do this to me to please stop and find your hearts and realize that all will get better when people like me have the freedom that is needed to do a better job.  Hopefully I will gain the genuine freedom and safety that I'd need, in order to do a final book which keeps my original writings in tact, removes only perpetration additions and changes, and adds in updates that explain it all better. Until then, it is what it was and I want it to stay that way.

 None of my Ramblings. . . books are perfect, but all are waiting for my heart and computers to gain the freedom that is needed to gather them into one final book that does a better job with explaining it all. Until then please excuse my stumblings.

   I think that many of the things that happen to me are manipulated in ways to place blame on others. I feel that, in this confusing situation, only total Truth will help the genuinely good to look good through the manipulations that try to make them look bad or responsible. Hopefully time (and a very small amount of it) will make everything more clear. Until then, please forgive the imperfections.  (I think that there have been a lot of misunderstandings between genuinely good people. How can we forgive if we have to forget it all?)

 I have reposted my original Into the Light book. Hopefully is also the way it was
until I have the freedom to do a better job with explaining and editing it. There are a few things I have to check on and explain so please check back later;

The book is now at this address as well, due to interference in my websites.

New "Into the Light" book Address

Original 2010 "Into the Light" Book Address

 "Into the Light" Page on Poetic Publications

P.S. I am thinking that yesterdays abduction swarms may have been primarily because I had removed edition 14 from Amazon two days before that. This left only the free pdfs on my websites the "Introduction" edition, which they have been tampering with. I realized that my websites would quickly fade away if something happened to me. So three older editions are back on Amazon. Thanks to the radio waves being shot into my brain, I am a little slow to realize things sometimes. And I do not want to be abducted or killed. I want to live and regain my freedom. . .and I want the same for others who are being targeted. . .ultimately all of America and the rest of humanity.  God help us all. (Updates on this post are not being allowed to go to my email! And this PS had been erased, possible due to my own mistake with copy and pasting.)

P.S.S. The picture on this post is of me when I was little munchkin. Aren't I cute? ;-) I always did like cleaning things and its hard to not have the freedom to do a better job with my writings.