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Saturday, March 11, 2017

I Still Do Not Want to Be Used In Covert Wars

 I wrote this picture YEARS ago! Its meaning is clear. Please stop!
   I have mentioned this a few years ago, but it deserves another mention; There seems to be a lot of covert wars happening in this holocaustal hell - a lot of darkness happening under the guise of  covert help, and fights for Freedom.  And I just want to again make it perfectly clear that I do not want to be used in covert wars, that target people, no matter what side the members think they are on. From my perspective, if people are not openly and honestly and peacefully standing up against the targeting, they are on the dark side. I want good solid help that is not covert and is understanding and protective and caring.
    My gut feeling has been that covert fights for Freedom, primarily those that target people in any way or form, are helping to destroy our freedom. . .and that more Hearts pulling together, and peacefully standing up to expose the targeting, has been desperately needed for too long now. Please stop fighting and start standing for Freedom.

   Through the past few years there has been a sad, wounded voice, that echos from deep inside my heart, "If you are on my side why are you not here peacefully standing up with me? Why am I still standing alone?"

   I feel that, and even had a precognitive dream that showed, people standing up and not getting hurt. The targeting can not freely happen when groups of people are aware and fully standing with a victim and is ready to be a witness...etc. People openly and peacefully standing together actually makes the sadistic targeting back off. Things remaining silent/covert, and victims like me remaining isolated, is where the dangers are because it enables them to get away with too much. I have felt this to be True, with every fiber of my heart and soul. . .and this is why I started, a few years ago, writing that picture, which states, "Its safer to stand in the Light." It is. It really is.

   And I honestly can not handle the covert stuff. I have been too hurt by it for far too long to even want to trust any of it. I hope that good people who act covertly can understand that this is not against them. It hurts me, indescribably, when I look around me and at what our world has been becoming. My pain often cries, "God, help our fake, confusing, cryptic, torturous, covert world to become honest and clear and direct and compassionate and whole and free again. . .for everyone's sake. God, help us all.

P.S.  Those of us who are being heavily targeted cannot do much and we depend on the rest of you to stand up for us, especially those of you who are more free and can protect yourself from the radio wave targeting.