My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

For Care Instead of Fights and Dark Set Ups

   I feel that if the dark forces, which target us all, keep getting their way it will result in even more fights between members of targeted families, fights between heavily targeted or enslaved victims, fights between heavily targeted people and the government, fights between government agencies, fights between countries, covert wars between all of the above...etc., while the REAL criminals remain free to continue enjoying the chaos they create. . .and this just has to stop.
   I hope to prevent the unfair blaming fights from continuing in my personal situation, because we have all been hurt too much already. And I hope you do everything in your power to help prevent it in other places. 

   Those who have been forced into the covert program and used to help target me also need genuine help and freedom. I have witnessed too many of them, (especially my family members) being targeted/traumatized/tortured and/or drugged, into being brainwashed or into complete enslavement, to not realize that they are victims too. We have already all suffered too much pain and misplaced blame and we all need compassionate help and understanding and protection from further harm.
   I do not condone any of the targeting, especially not the crimes that drug and/or torture me with laser weapons...etc. And the covert stuff drives me crazy! But it seems that the only way this hell can Truly start ending is with compassionate understanding for those who have been tortured/forced into enslavement, and used against their will, as well as for heavier targets like myself. We are all suffering. . .just in different ways. We are all victims who need our freedom restored. (This does not excuse criminal behaviors.)

    Speaking of a need for compassion; I also strongly feel that good decent people have been being used to help enslave human beings, under the guise of it being a "rescue," and that those good people did not know what they were doing and should not be blamed either. The darkest ones who deceived them and set them up to be blamed, and who have also been literally torturing and drugging people into technological enslavement, are the ones who are responsible.

   I feel that heavily targeted families should be helped with understanding, protection and compassion and its just too horribly sad that this has not yet been able to happen. The technological mind control is so widespread, so unusual, and is surrounded by so many dark manipulations (including demands for secrecy), that the proper kinds of help have not yet been able to be here for us. Judging by my insights, and things I've read, there are too many victims who are in need of having freedom restored and too few who can care to help in the ways that are needed most. And its all just too horribly sad for everyone. I keep wondering why criminal use of the space and ground based radio wave technologies have not been stopped, but I am ignorant in that field and feel sure its one of those things that is far easier said than done.

   For me, my "family" includes loved ones and neighbors and other people whom I care about. I have been fighting to expose the sadistic targeting, and its mind control tactics, in order to get help for all of us, since the end of 2011 when I started realizing the scope of it. Our situation has worsened since then and I do not know what will happen to us, but I hope it will end with Freedom completely restored so that recovery can begin, especially for my daughters and key witnesses whose lives I have been deeply worried about. There does not appear to be much of us left. God help us all.

    I had a dream, which showed people (government officials and citizens) safely standing up and pulling together to help and support each other and I am holding onto my vision of that even though it now appears impossible in my personal situation. I hope it soon happens somewhere so that a peaceful and compassionate stand up can grow and hope for complete freedom can spread through humanity.

God help us all