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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Date on Document Changed From Today to Tomorrow

   Today - on the fifteenth of March 2017, the date on my document was changed to the sixteenth in my storage device and in the properties of a document, where it originally also stated that it was "created tomorrow" - on the sixteenth. (When I tried to take pictures of it, instead of just the video, both my phone and camcorder suddenly flashed that they had no more memory left, which often happens when I try to take pictures of things that can be evidence. But I was able to take the pictures below from the video I took before my camcorder was disabled.)
   This date change thing concerns me, because it has happened to me often and probably more than I have noticed, because I don't look for it. I just happen to notice. This is the first time I noticed a change to a future date though. I assume that, in the past, it was probably for plagiarizing my writings, but I do not know why it would happen to this document, but its disturbing that it can even be done at all; www.targetedinamerica.com/bookramupdates2017.pdf  (I was also being blocked from uploading it onto the web until I wrote this.)
   Since around the end of 2014, the changes in this blog seem to be some sort of set up for legal purposes and/or to make me write about it and discredit my writings. It has also happened in this blog with the changing of the dates of posts and pages. A page was recently changed from 2016 to 2017. And a book of the blog was stolen from my car last year, which was probably to cover up the alterations.

Video - Date On Document Changed from Today to Tomorrow


P.S. As I post this they are having a puppet say, "He could kill you." I hope he doesn't. . .whoever "he" is. I was also blocked, for a while, from uploading the document and they erased the post-dated zip folder from my storage device when I later again opened it in the computer.