My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, March 20, 2017

Care for Law Enforcement

   Through the past few years, as I struggle to figure things out, while still being targeted and writing about my experiences, there are times when it may look like I blame local or state law enforcement, FBI, military...etc. But in my heart I really don't, especially since I've learned a bit more about what has been happening, beyond my personal situation, with the technological and pharmaceutical mind control targeting. . .and that many of you have been victims too. I began realizing this around 2012 when I passed papers out to law enforcement places, but did not do a very good job with it while being targeted through it. But here I go again. . .   I can understand that this situation has been difficult to comprehend, especially when the information is delivered from a person who is being too heavily targeted to articulate things very well. Who would want to believe that technological mind control happens through things like radio waves, which satellites send down for internet access, even if we were not being brainwashed into blind disbelief? But my gut feeling has been that it is a reality, not only for those of us who are being sadistically targeted (and our families) but also for every level of law enforcement. Since the dark aim seems to be to take over America, as well as the rest of humanity, there are probably more unaware mind control victims in our government then anywhere else.
   I beg every level of law enforcement, including military and FBI, to investigate this more fully and obtain UNFILTERED* radio wave detection and blocking technologies, especially since it is possible that certain modes of "protection" and "rescues" from the technological targeting may have included deceitful mind control enslavement. . .and since good, unaware people have probably been used in the foreground of these operations.
   I beg you to protect yourselves and please do not allow yourselves to be used in the dark covert program that has been enslaving people and sadistically targeting harmless people like me. Those dark forces could even perform set ups and use our judicial system, in order to inflict more harm upon heavily Targeted Individuals and our families. I beg you to openly stand up FOR US and WITH US instead of allowing yourselves to be used against us. There are many, who suffer indescribably and need the sadistic targetings to be openly acknowledged. NON-covert stands can help you to regain your Freedom as well. Please let your Hearts help break the silence that has enabled the dark force's success through the past few decades.

    When I think of our armed forces (of all kinds) being completely free of the technological mind control I feel safe and secure and know that the vast majority of them will follow their own instincts and Hearts instead of the dark covert program that has been aiming to take over America. And when I think of our law enforcement and military being enslaved/controlled by the dark forces, that sadistically target me and my loved ones, I feel terrified. So, I beg all levels of law enforcement to please openly stand up for the Freedom that has been being ripped away from all of us (including you) for too long.

Please follow only your own Hearts and instincts
and do your best to be here for those of us who have
been being hurt for too long. We need you.

*I have suspected that new radio wave detection technologies may have had filters built into them, in order to prevent detection of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. And I suspect that the same may have happened to the technologies that can block radio wave targeting.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

 P.S. I know that my care for you seems a bit selfish, because I want you to regain your freedom and the awareness to stand up for us as well as yourselves. But I do care for you too. We all count. We do.