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Friday, March 17, 2017

"But, What About You?" She Asked

  During times when I feel too alone and un-cared for I sometimes think of a woman who suddenly experienced VERY obvious targeting after offering me a job and a room rental, which I was taking her up on. The targeting involved a puppet trying to come between us and ruin our budding friendship and her home being broken into, cat missing, property intruded upon...etc. I reported the targeting to the police and told them I thought she was probably being targeted due to trying to help me. And then I called her and told her I was being targeted and that the targeting would probably stop against her if I did not take the job or room and if she did not contact me again. And her response was one that echos in my heart, because she is the only person who had expressed this kind of care for me. She asked, "But, what about you?"
   That was several years ago and she is one of the many people whom I have been worried about. I hope she is OK, but sadly doubt it, since there seems to have been a heavy push, in the past few years, to get rid of evidence and even witnesses to, or their memories of, the targeting. Tears well in my heart every time I think of her - that woman, who hardly even knew me, and dared to care about what would happen to me and who would be here for me as I continued to be targeted and deprived of opportunities to get back on my feet financially and have a safe place to live. I hope she is OK.

   I know that many people, whom I had been close to, would deeply care about me and be here for me if they were not also being targeted and/or forced/enslaved into the covert program that targets us all. Oddly, one had even forgotten who I am. The mind control part of the targeting can severely effect a victim's memory as well as emotions. I have been worried about all of them, especially my daughters.

After posting this I listened to this song that reminds me of where my aching heart turns for help and to feel less alone. Mary Chapin Carpenter in "Here I am." Thank God for that Light.


God help us all