My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Worst Kind of Terrorism

    I'm having a hard time understanding the sudden border issues, connected with concerns about terrorism entering America, while we experience holocaustal levels of terrorism through space based radio wave technologies...etc., which may even be the root cause of most other types of terrorism around the globe as well as here.
   I feel that the worst kind of terrorism, which America and the rest of humanity has already been suffering from, is the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement of human beings from all walks of life; the technological targetings that create a variety of physical illnesses and immeasurable suffering in unaware victims; the torturous targetings followed by aims to covertly rescue victims, which is actually abductions into enslavement performed under the guise of help; the staged deaths of victims who are permanently enslaved into the covert program that targets us; the inhumane tortures, false "mental illness" labels, and threats to kill, frame, slander...etc., that have been being inflicted upon heavily Targeted Individuals who start figuring out, refuse to join and aim to expose, what is happening.
   I beg the Heart of America (and other countries) to peacefully stand up, help restore our Freedom - help prevent criminal use of ground and space based radio wave technologies, pharmaceuticals, parasites...etc.; please help expose this technological holocaust and end the horrible suffering and confusion and destruction of people's minds, hearts, health, lives. . .and let recovery begin.

God help America and the rest of
humanity to regain its Freedom

P.S. I have altered this a bit, since its first posting several days ago, in order to not include my opinions of Trump's actions. . .which is all just too discouraging and seems too distracting during a time when too many are suffering in a horribly destructive technological holocaust and its covert wars. God, help us all to be completely set free and have a chance to recover.

P.S.S. These storms and cold temps have been difficult, but I'm hanging in here. The heater in my car worked for a short while today - during the hour or so that my car had already been warmed by a rare bit of sunshine.