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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Third Technological Holocaust Drawing and my Connection to Animals

   I am having a hard time doing the third drawing due to being tortured as I work on it. Its entitled Technological Holocaust - Confusion and it has the Heart with eyes looking up at a bunch of birds above it. Among the birds are a dove, a goose, a bluejay, a hawk, a raven and a cardinal. I was going to add in an eagle and a seagull. These birds, as well as others, have special meanings to me connected to my experiences with the targeting...etc.
   I have always felt an unusual connection to animals and this seems to disturb those who target me. Now that I look back I am realizing how much they have tainted this part of my life, not only through lasering my brain and blocking me...etc, but also through rumors. Today I remembered a rumor that I was told about in the 1970s, which I now feel certain was part of the targeting.
   I had loved horses when I was a child. The fact that I was sort of a "horse whisper" was becoming known and one of my mother's friends had brought her stubborn horse to me for training. And people used to get a kick out of how I often rode my horse bare backed with only a lead line...etc.  Then it all started being sabotaged, though I did not realize it at the time. One of the sabotages included someone telling me that they heard a rumor that the reason why I enjoyed riding horses without a saddle was due to getting sexual pleasure from it. This was not true, but it definitely put a damper on my joy of horse back riding. Its one of those things that I wish I had never heard. At the time I was around 15 years old and was disgusted and deeply shamed by such a rumor. . .and I couldn't understand how anyone could turn horseback riding into something dirty. How could I feel comfortable riding in front of people after being told that they were thinking that? Can you imagine how this sort  of rumor could effect a young, innocent, teenager? It was horrible. It still feels horrible. This was in the 1970s and is just one small example of the dark interference with my life.


P.S. Since February 8th I have experienced a vamp up in threats to disable my vehicle and have it towed away. I hope they do not succeed with this. Torture of my brain has vamped up as well. Last night I had a dream about a man (like J.S.) wanting to get into my storage devices that I have my old writings on. I have also recently received threats that they will wipe out all of my past writings if I do not erase certain things...etc. I pray they do not succeed.

     5/08/2017; I finally put the finishing touches on the third drawing I started a while back. It is called "Confused." This picture of the drawing is a bit blurry, but is the best I can do right now.

Technological Holocaust - Confusion by Sharon Rose Poet