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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sadistic Targeting Patterns Are More Evident in Famous People

   The sadistic type of targetings have been happening to good, decent people from all walks of life, but are more evident in those who are famous, because so much of their lives are publicly recorded. (Having been being targeted myself I recognize the patterns.) It appears that some famous people have been targeted and careers ruined; some have been targeted and then "rescued" - enslaved in the covert program that is called "home"; some have been targeted and killed; some have experienced more than one of these methods; and all should be set free and have a chance to recover through realizing what has been happening to them. (The rest of us too.)
   Of the famous people, whom I have noticed the sadistic targeting patterns around, are the Dixie Chicks, Micheal Jackson, Sugarland, Sarah McLachlan and Kris Kristofferson.
    With artists like Micheal Jackson and Sarah McLachlan its more obvious - they obviously brought heart into their music, which touched other people's Hearts. Then the "accident" or chains of losses or slanders. . .and then things are not the same as they were before. In Micheal Jackson's case his change became noticeable in his videos as well as in the sad surgical mutilation of his own facial features, which had to have been done with technological and pharmaceutical mind control affecting his perception of his looks. He was adorable before he did that to himself! The Dixie Chicks were VERY blatantly targeted - their career  ruined. And was that stage collapse on August 13, 2011, just before a Sugarland concert a true "accident" or was it caused by microwave weapons - weather modification technologies? One USA news report stated that "Kristian Bush thought a bomb had detonated." The news reports speak for themselves. It can not all be coincidences, though some may be.
   This list of people, famous or otherwise, being inflicted with sudden disasters or unusual chains of losses or slanderings...etc., as their lives (as they lived them) crumble, could go on and on and on and include me and also many people whom I personally knew. I hope that all enslaved individuals and groups and organizations will soon realize the enslavement.  I hope that those of us who are still being tortured for resisting soon get the protection we need. I hope that humanity will be quickly set free from all levels of the targeting and enslavement - the Heart of humanity saved.

   The Sugarland video below has a powerful message. Its has a great beat with awesome lyrics. We all do indeed need to peacefully "stand up," not just children. But the "home" part, at the beginning of the video, disturbs me, because that is what those who target us call their covert enslavement program - they call it going "home," in order to make it sound good to victims whom they are deceiving. Many victims seem to think that the "rescue" into the enslavement "home" is protection, but its not. Does Sugarland know this? Obviously not. But I hope they find out soon, if that is what the "home" in this video is about. [UPDATE: But sadly, they split up after the fatal stage collapse and the confusion and chaos that followed it.]

Sugarland: "Stand Up" [live]


God help us all to be totally set free
 I pray for God to help us all to be totally set free and NOT enslaved in that dark "home," which too many have been convinced is a good place to be. I still strongly believe that the covert "rescue" into what they call "home" is actually enslavement.