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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Please do not Misjudge and Abandon Us

I decided to post this again, because it is important.

    I wish that all aware government officials would follow their Hearts into standing up for America and especially for those of us who are being technologically tortured, harassed...etc., no matter what our fear or anger or confusion writes or says. Please do not misjudge and/or abandon those of us who are being heavily targeted. We need you to understand and care that we are often too hurt or too overwhelmed or too scared or are being too tormented and tortured to be doing all the right things in all the right directions and in all the right ways, in order to report the targeting and get help. Most of the time its all we can do just to survive the hell we are trapped in. We need you to stand up for us no matter what obstacles and manipulations surround us. I wish that every level of government officials could compassionately pull together and honestly stand up for us, for each other, for America and ultimately for all of humanity as quickly as they can.