My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Please Do Not Disable my Car!

   I am praying for my vehicle to not be disabled again. Threats to do so, under the guise of help, have been happening again. It feels like its all part of the torture to inflict more distress upon me and try to force me, and what is left of my writings, into an unsafe situation. This has been done many times before and I need it to stop. It has never helped me. It merely hurts me more and enables worse levels of targeting and theft of my writings, like what happened in four horrible, torturous months last summer and an uncountable number of shorter times before that. I beg those who do this to me to please stop. Let me at least have the freedom to drive my car. I need it for my safety.


P.S. The battery light suddenly came on this morning! I've been through about three batteries in the past year or so from them frying them to disable my car. When my car is disabled they gain more access to it and me as I am forced to leave it....etc. It is actually very dangerous for me to be stranded and at their mercy. As I write this post librarian puppets say things like, "OK. Bye," as if my exposing this means that I will not get help now. I have been through an uncountable number of rounds of this sort of thing. Its been a very difficult part of the targeting. And my heart keeps saying that "genuine help should not hurt me more or be contingent upon me silently letting them do things, which they know merely add to my distress - genuine help would just help without the covert games and set ups that VERY obviously hurt me more." So, please stop. If good, genuine help, from people who are not with those target me, is ever able to be here for me I'd need it to not be covert and be kind, considerate, protective and honest. . .and I am hanging in here the best I can with the hope that this kind of help will soon be able to be here for me.

    I have been shocked by the amount of librarians who are complete puppets for those target me. Too many people, from all walks of life, are enslaved. (They need to be set free too.) God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover.