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Monday, February 27, 2017

Hope to Prevent an Unnatural "Natural" Disaster

   Around the year 2005 one of the precognitive dreams I had, about the criminally instigated "natural" disasters, showed me being in an area where a flood hit, trying to drive up a hill where rhododendrons are, and not being able to see through my windshield, which was fogging up.
   The disturbing thing about this is that I just drove up a steep hill, in the center of Goffstown, NH, and felt a strong dejavu when I saw a lot of rhododendrons. It was the type of hill that one would try to climb to escape a flood. And I am now having problems with my windshield fogging up, during certain types of weather, due to my car heater being disabled as the coldest weather started. Coincidence?
   Yes, this could all be a coincidence. And it may not be just because I am in the area, which I find too hard to fully believe. . .even though it seemed like the Alstead, NH flood (In 2005) was instigated due to my moving there. I think that those who target America and all of humanity, have sets of disasters pre-planned in certain areas, that those areas are many and are in places where they are more possible. Rounds of unusual disasters, which I feel are intentionally technologically instigating, have been happening all over the globe through the past few decades. Their goal seems to be to inflict pain and chaos, eliminate a large part of the population, take over certain stretches of land, and even whole countries like America, completely enslave what is left of humanity. . .and it just has to be stopped. It seems obvious that stopping these Unnatural "Natural" Disasters, as well as the more direct targetings of people, is to expose the crimes and either prevent criminal use of, or disable, the technologies that they are performed with.
   If those who target me do actually go to these sorts of horrible extremes, in areas I am in, or in order to hold the threat of the disasters over my head in efforts to force me into leaping into their hands - into enslavement (which they have been doing), it really does not matter where I am. The danger exists everywhere. I've had similar forewarnings about a flood happening on the coast of Maine and in Keene, NH in the deeper past. And I am not going to leap into their hands - sell my soul to the devil, especially for something that I do not feel will stop if I go.
   We need more people (especially officials and media) publicly standing up and honestly exposing these holocaustal crimes. . .and for those of us who become aware to stop being tortured and threatened and/or abducted, silenced and enslaved - brain damaged.
   I hope this post prevents this disaster IF it was being planned. And I hope your Hearts stand up to prevent the rest of the cruel UN-natural "natural" disasters from continuing around the globe. 

May the Heart of humanity quickly stand
up and save itself from further destruction


P.S. In the deeper past my forwarnings of these disasters instigated, by criminals who are targeting humanity, had been seriously sabotaged in ways that made it look like I am just "paranoid" or whatever. But those who have the capability of listening to their instincts or who have an awareness of space based weather modification and laser technologies and watch the news. . .surely can see the Truth. They seem to back off when they are openly exposed. So, please help expose them. Too much of humanity is already enslaved with technological and pharmaceutical mind control that will not let them believe any of this, even though its proof is already evident. And the rest of us are needed to save us all. PLEASE STAND UP.