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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Concern for Our Military and A Helpful Dream

     I have mentioned this before, but it feels important enough to post again.
   I've been concerned that our military personnel may be victims of technological mind control and may not all have radio wave detection or blocking technologies that are not filtered to prevent detection of or blocking of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. I have wondered if the pharmaceuticals, which aid technological mind control, have been in pre-prepared military foods, which could (like much of the targeting) point to medical field involvement. And I have felt that the Gulf War Syndrome is actually being caused by microwave (radio wave) targeting of the brains of our soldiers. My concerns go beyond just theories or suspicions. . .
   I used to be heavily into dream interpretation, because I had so many dreams which seemed to have meanings beyond my comprehension. Because of this a relative had come to me in 2002, told me about a dream he'd had and asked if I knew what it meant. I didn't have a clue. But I do now and have felt horrible since I realized what it meant and that was not able to help him or his sister to realize what I now feel was happening to both of them. His dream showed a silver box in the sky sending laser beams down into his sister. I now feel that his dream portrayed technological targeting being done through satellite. His sister - the one being shot, was in the Coast Guard and I do not think that this was a total coincidence.
   I am concerned that the targeting of our military probably has involved technological and pharmaceutical mind control, aimed at all branches, in the covert efforts to take over America through the past few decades. Other things have me concerned about how much success they may be having. Please help our troops to be set free - please pass this information to as many military personnel as possible, especially high ranking, as quickly as possible.

God Help America to Regain its Freedom

P.S. I have had the same concerns for all levels of government officials and employees. And of course the rest of us are being hit too. Along with these concerns are also the ones I have shared about how there appear to be modes of "protection" and "rescuing" that are actually a sly enslavement that is even sometimes performed by good, unaware people.