My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Surviving the Cold

   Lately there has been more rounds of what appears to be aims to force me out of my car and into a more solid living arrangement or shelter where I could be more vulnerable to some parts of the targeting. Recent rounds also appear to include the usual aims to torture, terrorize and make me suffer just before swarming me with the false covert rescue stuff that I believe leads to complete enslavement. I hope they do not succeed with any of it.
   On the coldest night in the past couple weeks my car heater started malfunctioning, at strategic times. Then I said something about it and had a mechanic check it out. . . and then it completely stopped working. Since then it also appears that they are microwaving me into feeling and appearing physically ill with flu type symptoms. I do not feel that I am really sick. It feels more like they are microwaving my sinuses and lungs...etc., in the same way that they have many times before.
   It is cold at night and during the cloudy days, but I am surviving it. I have three very warm blankets - one that is alpaca, which I bought on a trip to Peru before they finished shoving me into destitution. Not that this trip really has anything to do with the targeting...although I was seriously targeted in Peru in 2001 as well. But I didn't know that I was being targeted back then and it sometimes helps me to remember days when I thought I was free.  I miss the Freedom I didn't have.


P.S. It appears that posting this made things worse for me. Those who target me seem to think I should remain silent about what they do to me. Its sometimes hard to keep up the posts when they make me suffer more for speaking up. Two days after this post I was hit with what seemed to be another attempt to inflict a heart attack, dead animals left in roads, demands to erase my writings, interference with my car...etc. This was a typical round of the worse types of terroristic stuff. I survived again. But I am scared and I hope it stops soon and I hope for my car to not be disabled or interfered with anymore. "OK. OK," they say as I write this PS, which seems to be a threat to vamp it up again due to my writing about what they are doing to me.