My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Rough Start to 2017

   As the first of the year approached I did not think of a resolution...per say. I thought about striving to survive. There is not much else that I can decide. But I keep thinking that, in order to survive, I need to do something different - turn over a new leaf that can add a bit more hope and sense of purpose and accomplishment so that I can tolerate the targeting better. . .until it is stopped. But all I can think of is my work. My heart yearns to return to my work - to that which has been being altered and sabotaged or prevented from the start.
   The deepest part of my work involved healing from past pains and opening my heart to deeper levels and encouraging others to do the same so that we can bring more Love into our troubled world. Needless to say, this can not be done while being targeted. The technological tortures and brain scans and covert harassment need to stop before I can even start to recover from them. (I am even smoking cigarettes to calm off the charts levels of distress!)
   I have not sold very many of my books on Amazon. I have wondered if they have been being blocked on the web. But I have also felt forced to offer most of them for free, because my life has been in danger and much of the time I do not know if I will survive until the next day and I no longer have anyone who could carry it on for me.
   As for other parts of my work; my link to the Poetography Prints has been repeatedly altered to prevent people from seeing them, my pictures for them have been being altered and erased, and I no longer have the resources do them and my line of cards; Advertisers in my old Heart Bud publications appear to have been being targeted since 2008 and I no longer have the resources to print it on my own. The last two printings put me in debt and one of them appears to have been altered; My homes have been being sabotaged or destroyed since 1995 and I now live in a car, that is actually a bit safer while being so heavily targeted, but its more difficult in other ways; My plan to use the profits from my work, in order to create at least one healing/recovery center, now feels like a dream, from some other lifetime, that has been drowning in the trenches of this lethal technological and pharmaceutical holocaust, although many, including myself, desperately need it now. It hurts. It all hurts so much!
   I have tried many other jobs, with the aim to get back on my feet with my own work, but those jobs were either sabotaged or used to open doors to more lethal levels of targeting, which I feel I can no longer tolerate. Since the end of 2012 I feel like I have been dangling from the end of a noose and struggling to at least get a foot hold on something solid and secure and safe. . .and I guess all I can do is keep trying to prevent them the targeting from completely strangling me. . .for as long as I can and hope its all over before I am.

P.S. It looks like either a brake or gas line has been again tampered with on my car in the past week or so. This is not a "Happy New Year" time for me. I wish it were. (It appears that the leak suddenly stopped, all by itself, within two days after I exposed it. OK! So, either I am nuts or someone patched it so that it would not be detected or it was from some other mysterious thing. I'll have to keep an eye on it.)