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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Yesterday Was a Warm Day

   Yesterday was the first day, in about two weeks, that the sun shone so bright I was able to stay warm. But the car heater did suddenly start working around 10:30am and then stopped in late afternoon as it started getting cold enough to need it. (My car heater has not worked since around the 18th and only worked off and on prior to that - since this cold spell began.)
   I now feel even more sure that it is being controlled by those who target me, in order to make me suffer and perhaps to try to force me into libraries or restaurants or a room or a shelter or... - places where I would be more vulnerable to some parts of the targeting, especially the covert abduction/rescue into enslavement part.
   I'm often cold, but I'm hanging in here. Its safer to live in my car until the targeting is stopped and/or I am safe and protected from all parts of it. Its no picnic, and I'm about as sick of it as I can be, but there are far worse things than living in a car and I have been experiencing many of them too.

A Wish for Peaceful Regaining of Our Freedom

   I wish that all aware government officials would follow their Hearts into standing up for America and especially for those of us who are being technologically tortured, harassed...etc., no matter what our fear or anger or confusion writes or says. We are often too hurt or too overwhelmed or too scared or are being too tormented and tortured to be doing all the right things in all the right directions and in all the right ways, in order to report the targeting. Most of the time its all we can do just to survive the hell we are trapped in. We need you to stand up for us no matter what obstacles and manipulations surround us. I wish that every level of government officials could compassionately pull together and honestly stand up for us, for each other, for America and ultimately for all of humanity as quickly as they can.

P.S. I moved the Sarah McLachlan video, that was, because it was not really related to this post. Find it on; http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/2017/02/sarah-mclachlan-targeted.html Please watch it. I believe that she has been being targeted in similar ways that I have.It was also posted on my Yearn for Freedom blog; http://yearnforfreedom.blogspot.com/2017/02/sarah-mclachlan-targeted.html


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tim McGraw's "Last Dollar" Song is My Song

    The targeting got really brazen after they had me isolated and destitute. They not only stole this song from me, but they appear to have intentionally shoved it in my face on two occasions.    In 2006 the thought, "Turn the radio on" repeatedly echoed in my head. I was not aware of psychotronic weapons and what they could do so I thought it was intuition. I turned the radio on and heard Tim McGraw singing my song. This is how I first found out about it. I cried.
   Then in 2009 or 2010 I was doing a few days of painting work for my little brother and his step son was walking around the house with a walk-man on his head. My brother, whom I believe is a long term mind control victim, told him to let me listen to his favorite song. He handed me the walk-man. I put it on my head and there it was again. . .Tim McGraw singing my Song.
   "Last Dollar" (also called "Fly Away") is my song.* This is the Truth and it hurts to have my work stolen and made into a hit for the person who stole it from me. It hurts a lot. My only consolation is that it does seem to be touching people's hearts.


 * I did not write the "watches hats and wine" part of the song, but the rest of it, including the tune, is mine. However there were minor changes made to the rest of it. like the "I'm so glad your here to day," part was really "I'm so glad I'm here today," because it was about my being glad to be doing a retreat in the desert which is where I wrote it. I am the one who had really "walked right through my shoes" (I was looking at my broken hiking boots as I write this part.) The "If I aint got nothing I got nothing to lose" was about my concerns about the leaping into my work and was trying to console myself - saying that if I failed and ended up with nothing it would be OK. And I was "down to my last dollar" of what I had put aside to spend for my retreat and soul searching while recovering from "the hell that I'd gone through..." I was really singing "with the birds" around the time when I wrote it. (I was doing an 11 day fast and was feeling a bit flighty from it.) The "One - two - three" part was what a music teacher kept yelling at me as he helped me to cut lose singing in a workshop...etc. I had just really just driven "from coast to coast" - From New Hampshire to Nashville to California and back to Arizona where I wrote this song...etc. The set up to steal my new songs from my laptop appears to have been done in Nashville and also possible in California at a place I had stayed at. Sometimes it feels like they have stolen a part of my soul. Its just too wrong. Every verse I wrote means a lot me because they are about my personal experiences (some of them sacred) and have a lot more meaning than what is being portrayed in its recordings and videos.

   Those who target me, and seem to have such a grip on the music industry, probably burnt bridges to my being able to prove that "Last Dollar" (Fly Away) is my song, which could explain why they have been so brazen in their efforts to throw it in my face and hurt me with it. I may never be able to prove it but it really is my song and I have felt a need to stand up for myself.
   If the covert targeting followed its usual types of patterns. . .around the time when I realized that Tim McGraw had made a hit of my stolen song, they probably had hoards of other people claiming to have written it so that I'd get lost in the shuffle. But its still mine.

Technological Holocaust Song

   I wrote this song yesterday. I dedicate it to all who are aware and can help restore our freedom, all who are not aware and need to be. . .and all who are being hurt by the targeting and need to be set free. Its for all of humanity.

 Technological Holocaust
copyright Sharon R. Poet

It took me a while to realize. I searched real hard for the Truth
And know its not just my bad luck. I've been targeted since my youth.
Its a horrid covert battle. I've been shot for feeling the pain.
Those God forsaken microwaves have been messing with my brain.

(CHORUS 1) I keep begging for my freedom. I want it back. 
I need it back. Please give me back my freedom. 
Please give it back to me. I need to be set free.

I have stepped outside myself and looked all around me.
Broken souls and broken hearts are all my pain can see.
Ya, I've read the news reports that say we're "mentally ill."
For us tortured victims that's yet another painful hill.
There are mountains all around us that loved ones can't believe.
We've been dieing in the silence of those who've been deceived.

(CHORUS 2) We keep begging for our freedom. We want it back. 
We need it back. Please give us back our freedom. 
Please give it back to us. Let us feel their love.

I've searched the world beyond us, even peaked into some graves
And it hurts beyond description - humanity being enslaved.
I no longer wonder why they can not see or grieve
As wounded victims crumble while groping for relief.

(CHORUS 3) I'm begging for their freedom. They want it back. 
They need it back. Please give them back their freedom. 
Please give it back to them. Let them love again.

(Ending) Please give them back their freedom.
Please give it back to them. Let them love again.
Please give us back our freedom.
Please give it back to us. Don't let us turn to dust.
Please give me back my freedom.
Please give it back to me. Don't leave me here to bleed.
God, please set us free - all of humanity.


P.S. Targetors, I want it back; all that you stole from me, all that you sabotaged and did not let be. Please give it back to me. My life, my love, my song, my freedom and that for humanity...etc.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Vision of a World With Heart

   I had posted this a few other times. But here it is again with the hope for God's Light to reach the Hearts that can help it become a reality for us and America and ultimately all of humanity;

Vision of a World With Heart in "Heights of Wisdom" Story

Vision of a World With Heart

(This list began with an article I wrote in 2004, for the Personal Journal. It was to be the ending of the Heights of Wisdom story. Now, it is finally in its rightful place. . .and with a few additions.)

Medical and Pharmaceutical Facilities Are Not Privately Owned and are NON-Profit Organizations;
* Medical costs drastically drop down.
* All medical staff is paid average wages. Those who are drawn to that profession are naturally good caregivers.
* Herbal, and other home remedies, are encouraged.
* Pharmaceuticals are only used when absolutely needed.
* Injured or ill people are encouraged to recover at home, when emergency medical attention is not needed. Community and family members take turns tending to their needs.
* There are no nursing homes - the elderly are cared for by family and community members.
* People who have personal issues are no longer medicated or labeled as "mentally ill" - they are encouraged to allow a healthy grieving process and talk about and heal from their emotional pain. People are realizing that Love - compassionate understanding is the best medicine.

Insurance is being Replaced by Assurance of Needs being Met With Less Hassles and Less Expense;
* Community members put half, of what they’d normally pay insurance companies, into their own pockets. . .and the other half into an interest earning "Community Help Fund," which covers expenses that would usually be paid by insurance companies. Surpluses, at the end of the year, are used to help neighboring communities or general community needs...etc.
* Law suits are no longer happening, because people are taking responsibility for their own actions and are not greedily wanting more than they need and deserve. Victims of accidents and illnesses are being helped by community members and “Community Help Funds.” This is done so honestly and fairly that nobody can have legitimate complaints. Everybody’s needs get met.
* Example of fund amount; a community of about 10,000 households paying $1,500 per year, which ads up to $16,000,000 plus interest earned from that as well as from a few small loans for homes and vehicles needed by stable community members...etc.

Government Officials Are Paid an Average Wage and Earn Their Positions Through Many Years of Genuine, Compassionate Community Service.
* The primary job of the highest levels of governments are to protect the countries and their communities.
* Taxes are extremely low, because community members gladly take turns volunteering time to help government agencies.
* There are no more wars between countries, because they function in the same ways that neighbors are expected to - with respect and caring consideration for each other’s needs and differences.

Businesses Owners Are No Longer Getting Rich;
* Small business owners and farmers are more supported by community members and are no longer being put out of business by large organizations.
* Existing large organizations have been turned into wholesale distributors that fairly serve small local businesses.
* Prices of products drastically drop, because no one is making more profit than what is needed for them to lead safe and healthy lives.
* People are realizing that more really is less. Those who have too much help those who have too little.
* People are following their own Hearts into their own life purpose instead of following the norm or other peoples expectations...etc.

Financially Poor People are Loved, Comforted and Gladly Helped by Community Members;
* There are no longer many poor people, because they are all getting the Love and the help that they need, in order to get back onto their own feet.
* Greed and selfishness are being replaced with compassion - people are gaining the compassion to share money as easily as they share their time, food, advise, homes, shoulders, wisdom...etc.
* Those who degrade or withhold help from monetarily poor people are encouraged to take time to self reflect and heal from the pains that blocked their own Hearts.
* People are finding the Heart to not take advantage of other people's struggles. Example; A family that is struggling to keep their house gets the help to keep it instead of being forced to sell it to someone who will profit from a resale.
* There are no homeless and suffering veterans; injured veterans are attending support groups lead by people who understand and encourage the natural healing process. Psychiatric pharmaceuticals are avoided and true healing is encouraged - they talk about their experiences, cry to release their pain and support each other through this healing process. Hugs are encouraged.

Population Control is Openly Addressed;
* Experts are informing the general public of the dangers of the Earth becoming too populated.
* The problem is being discussed in the media and by community members. People are becoming concerned enough to start thinking about what they can do to help solve the problem. Many are leaning toward choosing abstinence or natural methods of birth control, in order to help humanity.
* Young people who freely choose to be sterilized are rewarded with a few thousand dollars to help them get a car, job, education...etc.
* Abortions, in early stages of pregnancy, are a personal choice. Individuals who choose abortion are not judged by fellow human beings. The issue is between them and God and they must do what they feel is best for themselves.
* Communities are offering sex education classes. People are learning the difference between having sex and making love. Sex without love is not harshly discouraged, in order to prevent people from aiming in that direction out of defiance. But it is no longer encouraged and good morals are rewarded with approval.
* Hollywood is cleaning up its act. Sexually suggestive attire and actions are no longer encouraged in public media.
* Pornography is strictly banned from the internet and all other forms of social media. Sexually exploitive magazines are no longer openly displayed on magazine racks...etc.
* Being natural is becoming more popular than plastic surgery. How much genuine Heart a person has is becoming more important than what a person’s body looks like - humanity is growing up.

The Technological Holocaust Is Over;
* Remote technological mind control, and other forms of microwave targeting, have been completely exposed and stopped.
* Humanity is recovering from the dark mind control manipulations that had been instilled into the minds of many - homosexuality, greed and selfishness are greatly diminishing.
* There are no more covert wars.
* Victims now have the validation they need, in order to recover.
* The eugenics movement has been stopped. People are no longer being microwaved into having physical illnesses. Things like Morgellones and lupus no longer exist.
* Microwave (radio wave) detection technologies are unfiltered and commonly used to ensure humanity’s safety.
* Radio wave blockers may be used by people who live in areas where they are subjected to radiation (like near power lines...etc.) as long as it does not interfere with anyone else’s right to receive the radio waves. (Perhaps this can be set up and regulated by law enforcement so that the privilege is not abused.)
* The public is being informed of the dangers of ELF - radio wave (wifi) exposure.
* Schools only have wifi in designated areas that children do not frequent.
* Public wifi is only in designated areas that can be easily avoided by people who do not want to be effected by them, like in one small part of libraries, airports, motels, restaurants...etc.
* Many people are returning to the old wired internet access, especially in homes that have children, because it is safer for everyone. Children are rarely subjected to cell phones and computers.
* Microwave and laser weapons are only used for good and defense in extremely threatening situations. But these situations are no longer happening between nations, organizations or people.

All Levels of Mind Control Have Been Stopped;
* Subliminal messaging in songs, movies...etc., is a crime with heavy fines and prison sentences. Since this crime is so easily detected by watchful professionals, it is no longer happening.
* People are encouraged to follow their Hearts into making their own dreams come true, instead of being told that they have to chose a certain career or attend a university, in order to make something of their lives. People are realizing that the greatest form of education happens through direct experience and apprenticeship programs are forming in most professions. Most students even earn money while they learn.
* Remote technological mind control no longer happens on anyone.
* Psychiatric pharmaceuticals are rarely used and only used in emergency situations where the benefits far outweigh the ill effects.
* Mental abuse, including covert harassment, is strictly forbidden and punishable with long prison sentences.
* Secret Societies and satanic occults, which recruit and/or brainwash people, are against the law. So many occult leaders have been arrested and thrown in jail that stray members dare not take their place and are adopting better ways.

Prisons Are Being Reformed;
* Inmates are being interviewed and innocent people, who were victims of framings (holocaustal targeting) are being set free. Many are consenting to honest technological lie detection tests, in order to help prove their innocence. Community members are embracing them and helping them to recover.
* The cost of prisons are being greatly diminished through giving inmates, who are not a serious threat to people, the choice to live and work in the community under 24 hour satellite surveillance, instead of staying in prison. And they are forewarned that microwave weapons may be used on them if they become a threat to anyone. Only people with integrity and compassion hold positions behind surveillance and laser weapon systems, which are strictly regulated.

There is Peace on Earth;
* People are realizing that Love and Light are that Highest Power, which never has and never will condone wars and vengeance. Humanity has become wise enough to not use God/Love/Light...etc., as a justification to perform evil acts.
* As people work at healing their own individual Hearts their connection to that Highest source of Love automatically deepens. Love for themselves and others is growing rapidly.
* People are treating each other with deeper levels of respect and compassion.
* The considerate sharing and caring that is growing between family and community members is also growing between religions and countries. Cultural and religious differences are respected.
* There is peace on Earth, because Love is working through the Hearts of individuals around the globe.

Love Has Won
The Heart of Humanity is now Free -
Free to Feel. Free to Heal. And its all real.

The end
for now

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Surviving the Cold

   Lately there has been more rounds of what appears to be aims to force me out of my car and into a more solid living arrangement or shelter where I could be more vulnerable to some parts of the targeting. Recent rounds also appear to include the usual aims to torture, terrorize and make me suffer just before swarming me with the false covert rescue stuff that I believe leads to complete enslavement
   On the coldest night in the past couple weeks my car heater started malfunctioning, at strategic times. Then I said something about it and had a mechanic check it out. . . and then it completely stopped working. Since then it also appears that they are microwaving me into feeling and appearing physically ill with flu type symptoms. I do not feel that I am really sick. It feels more like they are microwaving my sinuses and lungs...etc., in the same way that they have many times before.
It is cold at night and during the cloudy days, but I am surviving it. I have three very warm blankets - one that is alpaca, which I bought on a trip to Peru before they finished shoving me into destitution. Not that this trip really has anything to do with the targeting...although I was seriously targeted in Peru in 2001 as well. But I didn't know that I was being targeted back then and it sometimes helps me to remember days when I thought I was free. I miss the Freedom I didn't have.

P.S. It appears that posting this made things worse for me. They seem to think I should remain silent about what they do to me. Its sometimes hard to keep up the posts when they make me suffer more for speaking up. Two days after this post I was hit with what seemed to be another attempt to inflict a heart attack, dead animals left in roads, demands to erase my writings, interference with my car...etc. This was a typical round of the worse types of terroristic stuff. I survived again. But I am scared and I hope it stops soon and I hope for my car to not be disabled or interfered with anymore.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Favorite MLK Quote

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional Love will have the final word.”

  I really love this saying and I believe that "unarmed truth and unconditional Love" must "have the final word,” in order for us to regain our freedom and heal from the Technological Holocaust.

I Decided Not to be an Organ Donor

   I have experienced and sensed so much corruption in the medical field that I wonder what other sorts of things our organs could be used for. And I have developed concerns about what would happen to our Spirit or Soul if our brain or heart...etc., remained alive while the rest of our body is gone. So, I decided not to be an organ donor.

More Torture!

   Since late yesterday I am experiencing another round of what feels like painful laser shots into the top left part of my brain.
   On Sunday I experienced one of the worse episodes of mind control while talking to a relative. I said some things in ways that were completely out of character for me. Though not anything too horrible, it concerns me. And the rounds of torture to my brain both before and after this concerns me greatly. . .as does the fact that it felt like I had been drugged - unusually dry mouth and foggy thinking for a few hours. It felt like this was all some sort of a set up, but I'm not sure for what yet. I, of course, want all levels of the targeting to stop and not succeed.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Painful Lasering of Vital Part of Brain!

    At around 3:00am this morning I was waken by what felt like painful lasering of the top left front part of my brain. I rolled onto my left side and it let up, possibly because that side of my head was surrounded by the metal in my car after I rolled over. But then I felt a sudden infliction of pain in my left hip, which seemed to be to make me roll back over...exposing that vital part of my head again. I did not roll back over, but the lasering started back up after I got up and hurt for several hours.
  When I went into a cafe to warm up, an ad on a TV showed wallpaper with birds on it. . .and the spokesman saying, "All these birds can see except for this one," as it showed one bird's head being covered with an electrical outlet. (I am still amazed at how much control they have over radio and TV and computers. My gut feeling is that these sorts of things probably happen far more than I realize, because I am rarely subjected to TVs.)
   This incident could be viewed as coincidence, like most levels of the technological targeting, but my connection with birds, and this particular thing being said on the morning that my brain is being lasered in the lobotomy area, seems like a bit too much of a coincidence to me. Also the "seeing" part happening after yesterday's round of them again trying to tell me that I am God...and me not leaping to believe it and proclaim it, seems like it is not a coincidence either. I am NOT God! I need protection for my brain.
   This all feels horrible. It seems like they were torturing me for not blindly believing/seeing and proclaiming what they wanted me to! And IF there are important things that I am not seeing its because they have been torturing me and interfering with the function of my brain with radio waves being shot into it and sometimes it appears to also be with drugs left on surfaces I touch...etc. 

Please stop lasering my brain.

   As for the issue of me possibly having been Jesus in a past life; I honestly do not know if this is a game they playing with me or if they really believe that or if it is possibly true. I  have been being too heavily targeted to figure it all out. And absolute Truth is very important on such a subject.  One thing I do feel that I know for sure is that Jesus was NOT God - Jesus was the son of God and we are all God's children and we can all grow into the same Heart potential when we have the Freedom to do so. May that Freedom come quickly.

Friday, January 13, 2017

"Its You"

"Its You"

The ravens say, "Its you. Its you."
To blame me for the things they do?
But Truth shines over manipulations
And I pray they will in my situation.
The Truth is they use me and them
To reach their aim again and again.
Oh, God help Your Light to win.

Blue added in!!!! And is it just a game or is it possibly real? I have been too tortured to even Truly know. But the games you play just have got to go. If I Truly was, and good people know, (and even if I wasn't)....please protect me - please stand up for me and everyone else.... 

As Freedom Rings

This is the third in a series of three poems I wrote last night and this morning.

As Freedom Rings

Please don't let anger and fear prevail.
Take Love's hand and get out of jail.
This message is for me as much as you.
Please don't let them do what they do.
Just stand up, dust off your wings
And join the Doves as Freedom rings.

The Heart I Felt

This is the second in a series of three poems I wrote last night and this morning.

The Heart I Felt

I woke and prayed like many a day
For Light and Love to grow and stay
Then passed a dark and tangled fight
Where on a roof perched the night
But then three chickens and the Doves
Dared peak inside to remind me of Love.
And oh! It was there before and after -
A simple ray from Heaven's rafter.
And tears again did fill my eyes
As the sun rose in cloud parted skies.
Perhaps, somehow, all will be alright.

Where Raven's Land

This is the first in a series of three poems I wrote last night and this morning.

Where Raven's Land

The eerie glow of fogged in lights
Marked the road on a cold night,
As ravens made an unwelcomed landing,
Which failed to leave us in good standing.
"Oh, why and how?" my fear still asks,
While hiding behind a reluctant mask.
What did happen in those dark days
When hoards of ravens flew their way?
Is everything still OK?
Where's the good that can't be gone?
And where is that old hopeful song?
Oh, Dear God, too much feels wrong!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A New Realization With Usual Rounds of Torture

   Throughout most of yesterday my brain was lasered in ways that infilicted uncharacteristic anger. Then this morning I am experiencing painful torture levels lasering. During this process they sent a lot of foreign puppets around me and instruct me to go to New York. This has happened many times and the patterns  match the other rounds of tortures, which try to force me to leap into the hands of those who are doing the targeting - the false rescue thing. (I have written about this pattern before.) And the same thing seems to happen with the foreign puppets, while I am being tortured. I find this disturbing, especially when this happens at times when they think I might want to blame American agencies, and it seems like it is being performed by the same hell that has been targeting me as well as America. . .and is not genuine help at all. This round of it came at a time when I am deeply concerned about what appears to be a large, dark swarm against a county law enforcement agency.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Our Thoughts Are Not Private and Not Always Our Own

   Like I have said before, I have realized, after much doubt, that the claims of technological mind reading and dream projection being remotely performed on Targeted Individuals is indeed True. With the psychotronic weapons attached to our brains our thoughts are not private. If we think it they know it. If we know it those who target us know it. If we dream it they know it. If we plan it they know it. AND sometimes they even intrusively plug in their own thoughts and dreams. Not all of our thoughts are authentically our own.
  I understand how "crazy" this sounds. But its true and the plugging in of thoughts and dreams needs to be known by those whom it has happened to and think they are their own thoughts, and also those who plan to use the technological mind reading as methods of interrogation, which is reported to become part of the high tech future.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Please Help to Pray or Wish and Peacefully Act

   If you do not believe in God please wish for the following things to happen - wish for the dark forces in our world to lose their power and for the good to rise up stronger. Wish for every level of the harmful targeting of humanity to immediately stop. And all wars, both covert and overt, to immediately stop. And do not stop wishing for it until it permanently happens. Also please take peaceful action if you are in positions where you can help stop criminal use of technological and pharmaceutical mind control and all other forms of targetings that have been enslaving and/or harming humanity. And, if you are in a position where you can do so, please inform the public so that confusion and doubt can be replaced with understanding and comfort.

   Dear God,* please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light* upon those of us who have been being heavily targeted - surround us with the honest understanding, compassion, help and protection that we have desperately needed for too long. Please end our suffering - protect us from further harm and restore our freedom to think and feel and live and Love and be all that we were born to be.
   Dear God, please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light, so strong that all dark, infiltrating forces completely lose their power; shine that Light into the American White House and all of its connecting facilities, every military complex, every Home Land Security facility, every FBI agency, every Sheriff's office, every local and state police facility and all other government buildings and vehicles. Please protect them from pharmaceutical and technological mind control, especially that which enslaves while claiming to "protect," as well as all other forms of harmful targeting. Please set them free so they can do the same for us. Provide them with technologies that do not contain filters, which prevent detection or blocking of the radio wave frequencies that are used for mind control; please help them to do everything in their power to prevent criminal use of all ground and space based radio wave technologies, especially those which are used for mind control and the enslavement of humanity, as well as intentional microwave induced illnesses and interference with the Earth and its atmosphere; please also help them bring an end to all levels of the pharmaceutical targeting, parasite targeting and chemical targeting...etc. Please help their Hearts to make a huge peaceful, safe, public stand that helps people to understand what has been happening so that the confusion, doubts and fear can be replaced with understanding, trust, comfort and healing. And, God, please do the same in the United Nations and all other countries, so that all covert wars, both within and between all countries, can stop and Genuine Freedom and Peace on Earth can Prevail.
   Dear God, please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light, so strong that all dark, infiltrating forces completely lose their power; shine that Light onto all targeted families around the globe so that the confusion is replaced with understanding of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control...etc., and discord can be replaced with comfort and Love; shine that Light into all food production, distribution and sales companies so that our foods can retain their natural nutrients and do not contain parasites, chemicals or any other harmful substance; shine that Light into all water supplies and free them of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals that can harm or aid technological mind control; shine that Light into all medical facilities, including psychiatric and dental, and prevent them from being used to harm, drug, microchip, abduct and enslave fellow human beings; shine that Light into all churches and other religious organizations - set them free and help them to be supportive sources of genuine Love and Light; shine that Light around the Earth and its atmosphere - repair the damage that has been created and let no more be done; shine that protective Light onto every citizen around the globe - protect us from all levels of the targeting and help us heal from it, so that our Hearts can be free to lead us into all that we were born to be; shine that Light strong onto all ravens, their leaders and all others who perform mind control and other lethal targetings against fellow human beings - prevent them from doing further harm and set them free so they can choose to follow their own Hearts instead of performing covert wars...etc. Set all the puppets of that covert program free, especially those who have been abducted, tortured, threatened or brainwashed into it; shine that Light into all satellites and space stations and ground based radio wave technologies - immediately set them free from all sorts of criminal use or prevent from being used at all if that cannot happen; shine that Light into all other places that need it. I may have forgotten some. Please forgive me.
   Dear God, please immediately shine a strong, permanent beam of pure white Light upon those of us who have been being heavily targeted - surround us with the honest understanding, compassion, help and protection that we have desperately needed for too long. Please end our suffering - protect us from further harm and restore our freedom to think and feel and live and Love and be all that we were born to be.

* The God I pray to is Love and Light and not to be confused with those who play god with judgmental groups who use mind control and torturous laser weapons on defenseless people. And the Light is from only that pure Love/God and should not be confused with the energies that have been being used to target humanity, the Earth and its atmosphere.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

They Traumatize me, in Order to Flush Out People Who Want to Help Me!?!

   It appears that those who target me have been traumatizing me, in order to flush out good people who could be witnesses to the targeting and even professionals who may want to help me!  Unless you can fully stand up for me in a protective group it is probably best to not show up no matter what they do or how upset I get. It even appears that Sheriff and FBI, as well as local police...etc, have been being swarmed and watched and sometimes even targeted by those who target me. I have sensed this in the ones that I have turned to for help as well as those whom I could turn to. Sometimes it appears that the dark forces even aim to take them over. I hope they are not succeeding. I am deeply concerned for good, uncontrolled people in those places. I hope the good stays strong. I pray for uncontrolled people (especially officials) to pull together into protective groups and fully stand up for themselves and those of us who are being hurt. . .and ultimately for all of America and the rest of humanity. God help us all to be free from technological mind control.

Ravens swarm and dive and screech.
Oh dear God! Not the Hawks they breech!
Then they blocked my mode of speech
While for Light my tears did reach.

P.S. The password on my primary email account was changed yesterday or today and it was difficult to get back into it since they had erased all of my email accounts that were associated with my www.poeticpublications.com web site! I lost a lot of data in those emails. I wonder if this is connected with the fact that I just re-added advertisements to my blog. They had blocked me from doing this in the past.  I guess it was another way to limit/sabotage potential income. The ads are not yet working on my site. I hope they will be allowed to remain there and remain functional this time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Rough Start to 2017

   As the first of the year approached I did not think of a resolution...per say. I thought about striving to survive. There is not much else that I can decide. But I keep thinking that, in order to survive, I need to do something different - turn over a new leaf that can add a bit more hope and sense of purpose and accomplishment so that I can tolerate the targeting better. . .until it is stopped. But all I can think of is my work. My heart yearns to return to my work - to that which has been being altered and sabotaged or prevented from the start.
   The deepest part of my work involved healing from past pains and opening my heart to deeper levels and encouraging others to do the same so that we can bring more Love into our troubled world. Needless to say, this can not be done while being targeted. The technological tortures and brain scans and covert harassment need to stop before I can even start to recover from them. (I am even smoking cigarettes to calm off the charts levels of distress!)
   I have not sold very many of my books on Amazon. I have wondered if they have been being blocked on the web. But I have also felt forced to offer most of them for free, because my life has been in danger and much of the time I do not know if I will survive until the next day and I no longer have anyone who could carry it on for me.
   As for other parts of my work; my link to the Poetography Prints has been repeatedly altered to prevent people from seeing them, my pictures for them have been being altered and erased, and I no longer have the resources do them and my line of cards; Advertisers in my old Heart Bud publications appear to have been being targeted since 2008 and I no longer have the resources to print it on my own. The last two printings put me in debt and one of them appears to have been altered; My homes have been being sabotaged or destroyed since 1995 and I now live in a car, that is actually a bit safer while being so heavily targeted, but its more difficult in other ways; My plan to use the profits from my work, in order to create at least one healing/recovery center, now feels like a dream, from some other lifetime, that has been drowning in the trenches of this lethal technological and pharmaceutical holocaust, although many, including myself, desperately need it now. It hurts. It all hurts so much!
   I have tried many other jobs, with the aim to get back on my feet with my own work, but those jobs were either sabotaged or used to open doors to more lethal levels of targeting, which I feel I can no longer tolerate. Since the end of 2012 I feel like I have been dangling from the end of a noose and struggling to at least get a foot hold on something solid and secure and safe. . .and I guess all I can do is keep trying to prevent them the targeting from completely strangling me. . .for as long as I can and hope its all over before I am.

P.S. It looks like either a brake or gas line has been again tampered with on my car in the past week or so. This is not a "Happy New Year" time for me. I wish it were. (It appears that the leak suddenly stopped, all by itself, within two days after I exposed it. OK! So, either I am nuts or someone patched it so that it would not be detected or it was from some other mysterious thing. I'll have to keep an eye on it.)