My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Call for Compassionate Understanding

      I have probably misperceived more of the covert stuff than I now realize. I think that there have been times when I saw good as bad and visa versa. Instincts do not work well when we are overwhelmed, when our brains are being microwaved and when too much is hidden behind covert veils. I hope to fix and further explain my blog writings. I wish I could fix it all now, but I do not yet have the freedom, or all of the understanding that I'd need, in order to do it honestly and effectively.
    In the early stages of realizing the full scope of the targeting its too easy to perceive everyone who behaves unusually or rude as a "perp." Breaking free from this mind set is difficult, because it is part of the brainwashings to push us into blaming our loved ones and the government and innocent people who are being set up. I feel that most of them are victims too - that they are often either brainwashed against us or are completely enslaved into the covert program that targets us. I had perceived many mind control victims as perps before I started realizing that they are merely puppets who are being used by the real perpetrators who hide in the shadows of their operation. But its often too difficult to distinguish between the two, while being heavily targeted. This is one of the reasons why I ask for people to excuse things that my fear and ignorance has put into some of my writings.
    The blame thing is a horrible catch 22. There is a difference between placing blame and holding people responsible for their actions, but where do we draw the line of responsibility with mind control victims who think they are doing the right things or think they are following something that is good? And how do we draw that line without falling into the dark plan for us to be pitted against each other, instead of protecting, comforting and Loving each other? How do we effectively deal with this until humanity is free to think and feel and care?
    Although in the bigger picture puppets are often victims too, in the smaller picture they can be a danger to those of us who are heavily Targeted Individuals. (This does not apply to those who intentionally perform criminal acts. It applies to those who are unaware mind control victims or deceived members of a dark covert program that they think is good...etc.)
   Anyone who has been brainwashed into thinking that we are mentally ill or are criminals or are terrorists or are evil...etc., can be a danger to us, especially if they are in a position of authority that can have us institutionalized or incarcerated. This creates a horrible situation for those of us who are being heavily targeted. In my heart I sense the good in my family and America and the rest of the world, but I also know that when its not protected, or not standing in the light and fully aware, it can be taken over by the dark forces that target us all. The technological and pharmaceutical enslavement of humanity is truly a holocaustal situation. Its horribly sad for EVERYONE concerned, especially for those of us who are being physically and psychologically tortured and have not received the understanding, compassion and protection that is desperately needed.
   It can be difficult, for those of us who are being heavily targeted, to try to understand and feel compassion for loved ones who are brainwashed against us, or government agencies that have not been able to be here for us in the ways we have needed, but we must if this hell, and its covert wars that pit people against each other, are ever going to end.
   Until the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and the covert program that enslaves and uses unaware victims, have been completely exposed and stopped, and people have a chance to understand and leave it and return to their Hearts, extreme care and open mindedness must be exercised. And the normal process of excusing and forgiving must be expanded. They are not all "perps." Many are unaware mind control victims who are just being used by the real perpetrators.

 God help us all.

P.S. I have been concerned about my writings and hope that they do not offend good people who could eventually be here for us in the ways that are desperately needed. My heart keeps assuring me that they will understand and I hope it is right.