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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Disabling of my Phone and Vehicle and. . .

[ Update; I have erased most of this post and the one that followed it. I do not want to use this blog as a detailed report. I do not want the good/free ones to get blamed for what the controlled ones have been doing. I'm scared. And I am concerned that the dark forces seem to be manipulating events so that I will write about them. I do not want to be used this way. And I am too distressed to figure it all out and be 100% sure of who is doing what and why. I hope that it will all soon be clear. ] 

   On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving a puppet told me that I should "go home for Thanksgiving." (The 'home' they talk of is the covert rescue, which I feel leads to complete enslavement.) during the end of the next day ( the 23rd of November, 2016) my phone and car were disabled leaving me trapped. This was followed by two attempts to have my car towed before I had a chance to re-charge my phone and call for help, and what appeared to be an attempt to drug and abduct me. Then my car and its contents were at their mercy for two days after that. This felt like a seriously threatening situation, which left me trapped and cold and scared.
   I have been through too many of these types of situations, most of which I have not written about. And I have felt deeply hurt by all of them. The hell that has been inflicted, under the guise of "help," is often the most difficult and painful and confusing. And I want it to stop.

P.S. I believe that good people are sometimes used in the foreground of the covert operation that aims to abduct and enslave people like me. . . but not always and its hard to tell most of the time. No matter who they use to do it it is terrifying to be trapped and surrounded.

P.S.S. About a week later I learned that my Uncle was dieing during the time when they were terrorizing me through disabling my phone and car and leaving me trapped and stranded for four days. This has been a common pattern in the targeting - vamp ups against me during times when I could be sensing something happening to a loved one.