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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Disabling of my Phone and Vehicle and. . .

[ Update; I have erased most of this post and the one that followed it. I do not want to use this blog as a detailed report. I'm scared. And I am concerned that the dark forces seem to be sometimes manipulating events so that I will write about them. I do not want to be used this way. And I am too distressed to figure it all out and be 100% sure of who is doing what and why n the crazy covert stuff. I hope that it will all soon be clear. ] 

   On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving a puppet told me that I should "go home for Thanksgiving." (The 'home' they talk of is the covert rescue, which I feel leads to complete enslavement.) during the end of the next day ( the 23rd of November, 2016) my phone and car were disabled leaving me trapped. This was followed by two attempts to have my car towed before I had a chance to re-charge my phone and call for help, and what appeared to be an attempt to drug and abduct me. Then my car and its contents were at their mercy for two days after that. This felt like a seriously threatening situation, which left me trapped and cold and scared.
   I have been through too many of these types of situations, most of which I have not written about. And I have felt deeply hurt by all of them. The hell that has been inflicted, under the guise of "help," is often the most difficult and painful and confusing. And I want it to stop.

P.S.S. About a week later I learned that my Uncle was dieing during the time when they were terrorizing me through disabling my phone and car and leaving me trapped and stranded for four days. This has been a common pattern in the targeting - vamp ups against me during times when I could be sensing something happening to a loved one.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Mistakes Are Many

   I think that most, if not all, who have realized this holocaustal crisis, and have tried to expose and/or stop it, have made mistakes in the process of figuring it all out and expose it, especially when being targeted in the process. How can anyone know how to effectively deal with such a confusing, cryptic mess?  Please forgive me.

   Like I have said before, I have made many mistakes as I struggle to figure out and expose the targeting while still being targeted. Aside from the interference and alterations by those who target me, there are probably a lot of mistakes of my own that I do not yet realize. I hope that those who read this blog and its first several books, (which contained more) will excuse my mistakes and realize that my writings have also been interfered with by those who target me. I hope I will someday have the freedom to fix them and make it all more clear.  Until then, please read with your Heart and do not judge me or anyone based on what is in this blog and its books. Please just let it help you to realize what is happening and do your own research and help to bring it to a peaceful end.

Like I have repeatedly stated; I can not perfect my writings on infiltrated computers and while I am being harassed and technologically targeted. I'd need GENUINE help, with protection from all levels of the targeting and honest answers to a lot of questions that I have time to process, in order for me to accomplishing that. 

   It breaks my heart each time I realize that I have not yet had the freedom to fully follow my heart with any of my writings. :-(

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election

      I have felt deeply concerned that too many of us do not have the freedom, to fully follow our Hearts in the voting process, due to technological and pharmaceutical mind control. I hope for the Heart of America to rise into a strong and peaceful stand for Freedom from all that harms us and holds us back from following our own Hearts and being all that we were born to be.

 God Help America to Regain its Freedom

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I am in desperate need of protection from further harm and distress

   I am in desperate need of protection from all levels of the targeting. I beg all who are aware of the targeting, and do not take part in it, to find the heart and the courage to come stand with me. . .openly and honestly. . .for all our sakes.
   In the past couple days I have experienced vamp ups in the targeting and another death threat.  This is nothing new and I have experienced worse. But its been happening for too long and I am still being held in a state of destitution...etc. Please help me.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Love for my Daughters

   My greatest pain, in all the targeting, has been knowing that my daughters are being technologically targeted and that there has been nothing I can do to stop it, especially since those who target us had convinced them that none of this is really happening and that its all in my head. The Truth is that we have all been surrounded by perpetration puppets as well as being technologically targeted. My daughters, as well as other targeted loved ones, have been my primary motivation for exposing the targeting. . .so that we can all get the proper kinds of help and protection from further harm.
Since 2011, I have tried to stay away from my daughters, only sending an occasional "I love you" in text messages, with the hope that they would not be targeted more heavily for being close to me, because this seemed to have been happening through many years. But I fear that this may not have made much of a difference. And it hurts indescribably to know that they are being hurt. This is my greatest pain. . .along with knowing that they have both unwittingly brought children into our targeted family.
   Last year someone told me that my youngest daughter's child is "completely mechanical" and does not behave like other children. Last year I also had a vision of that daughter's brain being hurt/damaged. And then my oldest daughter had a set of twins! I have been in a deeper state of grief since then. Knowing what can be done to psychologically harm or even mentally destroy a child in targeted families has had me terrified for all of us.
   One of the things that had been erased, and then also moved, in my 2012 writings on this blog, was my statement on how my youngest daughter was born with a minor heart defect and four breasts in the early 1980s. (I have read reports which stated that microwave targeting of a pregnant woman can cause things like heart defects in the child.) I believe that my oldest daughter's brain had been lasered so severely, in the late 1990s, that it caused un-explainable neurological symptoms which severely affected her speech and motor skills...etc. Both of my daughters are mind control victims and this has been evident in many ways.
   In some of my writings I had begged for help for all of us. There have been times when I felt angry that help has not yet arrived, which is evident in some of my writings. I am sorry for this. Since I've more deeply realized the scope of this crisis I do not want to blame anyone who surely would care to help if they could. I understand that, there are many who are struggling, many who have been being hurt and even some who have been brain damaged...etc. My daughters and I are like little grains of sand in a giant dessert of technological warfare. But we matter to each other and we have all been deprived of the love that we need from each other. And I am still praying for us to receive protection from further harm and a chance to recover and regain our freedom. I often pray for this for all of humanity. God help us all to be totally set free.
   I had written a post about "Leaving Doors open in my heart. . ." for my youngest daughter, around the time when she gave birth to her son in 2013. (I also wrote posts about how they did not allow me to even have an uninterrupted/unsabotaged visit with her after what seemed to me like an episode of them using her son's birth as a way to torture her...etc.!) It appears that least some of these posts had been altered. I have not had a chance to freely check them all. But the above mentioned post had been erased and filled with a statement that seemed to be from part of an old testimony. It was also hidden from public view. Why? Perhaps to deprive my children of my love even. I hope they still know, in their Hearts, how much I love them.

P.S. I believe that the technological targeting can be easily proven - that there are medical tests that can detect micro chips and the brain and cell structure damage that is being inflicted upon heavily targeted people like my daughters and I. There are also ways to detect the technological targeting. But it would all have to be done honestly. And it is my experience that the field of medicine is more corrupt than anything else is. I am being lasered in my heart - heart attack symptoms, as I started writing this post.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I am in desperate need of protection

   I can not effectively report and deal with the targeting while being targeted. I am in desperate need of protection from all levels of the targeting. I beg all who are aware of the targeting, and do not take part in it, to find the heart and the courage to come stand with me. . .openly and honestly. . .for all our sakes.

Please read this site for more info

Statement About This Blog

   I have caught many alterations being done to my writings on this blog and my gut feeling is that I have not nearly caught them all. I have been putting the posts into books, but have even experienced infiltrations into them and my publishing site.

[Update; I have been putting a lot of the blog into drafts that are not shared, until I can figure things out and decide what to do. ]

    The sabotaging of my blog posts have happened in many ways and appear to be for multiple reasons.  Some of it appears to be to hide the targeting through erasing key things. Some of it appears to be to confuse my readers, through altering words and sentences in the first paragraphs of important statements. Some of it appears to be aims to plagiarize, which is evident in the erasing of things like poems and pictures from this site as well as my computers. Some of it appears to be manipulations in the targeting, which places blame in the wrong directions if I even just write about what they are doing to me. Some of it appears to be the altering of things just to make me look bad or crazy. Some of it appears to be the erasing of certain things that would make it look like someone else erased it. I have caught many places where they have plugged in things or moved phrases from one post to the other. Its amazing how the altering or erasing of just one word or sentence can change the meaning of a whole paragraph. I have made my own mistakes as I stumbled through periods of being too heavily targeted to function well, especially during those times when I was too traumatized or drugged to bypass the mind control and information they were feeding me in my initial years of trying to figure it all out.
   Between their manipulations and my microwaved ramblings there have been a lot of mistakes. I feel like I have been beating my head against a wall trying to fix them and keep this blog functional enough to help expose the targeting that is hurting so many of us. I am doing the best I can. I have been trying to fix the parts that were infiltrated or are outdated or could have been misinformation or misperceptions and things that may be too confusing or repetitive...etc. But this is impossible to fully do while being forced to use infiltrated public computers where I am often also being harassed. And there are many things that I am not sure about. Those who are targeting me seem to want me to either leave it with their manipulations in it or erase it and pretend that it never existed. I want to fix it, but do not yet have the freedom to do it justice.  Perhaps someday, I will be free to do a better job with it  and putting it. Until then, please read with your Heart and please do not judge me or anyone else based on what is on this blog.

       Please keep in mind that this blog is not a full legal report of the targeting. There are periods when I tried to use it for this, but the alterations make that sort of thing impossible. I have more solid accounts of my experiences if the need for them should ever arise. But I store them in the car I live in and am vulnerable to infiltrations into that, which has also happened. I hope to be able to retain what is left of my personal writings even if just for my own personal use. The core of my personal testimony can be found in my "Yearn for Freedom" and "Targeted in America" books

   This situation with the sabotaging of my writings has also happened in my work - my earlier writings on www.poeticpublications.com. It all feels horrible to me. My work and my life have been being sabotaged and there seems to be nothing I can do about it at this point. It hurts indescribably. It feels like my hands, my heart, my mind, my life are being held in a prison. And I am just one example of the types of things that have been happening to many. We all need our freedom restored. America needs its freedom restored. Humanity needs its freedom restored. And I hope we live to experience the joy of that precious freedom so that we can be all that we were meant to be. God help us all.

P.S. I can not effectively report and deal with the targeting while being targeted. I am in desperate need of protection from all levels of the targeting. I received another death threat while posting this.