My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Sexual Violations Are Hard to Bear

   Aside from the other types of technological targeting I have experienced laser weapon attacks, through the past few decades, that are obviously mostly just to irritate and cause discomfort through tingling and itching sensations. These have primarily focused on my nose, ears, pubic area and my hard to reach shoulder blades.
   But in the past three years or so I have been being sexually violated with laser weapons as well as what appears to be an infliction of some sort of parasite that crawls beneath my skin in my pubic area nearly every single day. Its probably some sort of African type worm that is aggravated by microwaves shot into that area at strategic times. . .especially during the times (like yesterday and today) when they have puppets chasing me around with their children. I was up half the night last night. . .being sexually violated with no way to avoid it or stop it from happening. This happens almost every night as I try to go to sleep. Though not always for as long it still happens.  Though they seem to try to cover up the laser weapon attacks with parasite attacks a lot is still done with weapons that instantly inflict bleeding sores like burn marks and cuts and a painful burning sensation after I scratch. Sometimes they have puppets yell at me or blare vehicle horns for scratching the itch, as if I am the one who is doing something wrong. They also often have puppets walk by me grabbing their groin.
   This past summer a laser was used to cut open my pants on the inner side of my thigh, which exposed me. (This could only have been done through a satellite, due to my position.) Then they had a puppet park next to me and loudly say, "I saw that." There are many times when they have lasered my breasts, including through the past few days. . .and since I said something about it they are threatening to give me breast cancer. This seems to be a common pattern in the targeting - inflicting something else to make it look like its not being done with laser weapons. (The cancers can be inflicted with microwaves as well.) Those who try to frame me as a pedophile are obviously the ones who are perverts. I have never touched a child and it is not something I would have ever done. I am the one who has been being sexually assaulted.
   When they do these rounds of sending puppets with children around me everywhere I go, while sexually assaulting me in more severe ways, I have often thought that they are trying to frame me, in order to dishonor me, because this has obviously been happening. But they sometimes obviously want to make me think that they already have framed me and are using it to try to terrorize/force me into the covert rescue/enslavement.  Over and over again they have attacked me and then swarmed me with puppets trying to "rescue" me. Watching these patterns for so long is one of the things that has proven to me that the covert "rescue" is performed by the very same people who do the targeting and that it leads to enslavement. I also had a dream which forewarned of this scenario.

    Technologies are not the only things they have used to sexually assault me. I have been VERY obviously drugged and raped by perpetration/pervert puppets on at least three occasions. The first time was in 2005, right after my Alstead, NH neighborhood was wiped out in a suspicious flash flood. The second time was in 2008/2009 winter as I drove across the USA with a perverted truck driving trainer. I reported both if these incidents, but the targeting vamped up. The third rape was in 2012 in Vermont while I was at the last job they shoved me toward. By this time I knew that reporting it would just hurt me more, especially since I had fully realized it too late and had no proof.I also believe that my children and I were being assaulted in our own home - drugged...etc., while sleeping in the 1990s.