My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Life can not be lived without freedom. It can only be survived

"Shut Up," they say. "Stop Complaining," they say. And a part of me says OK. I'll write in my journal instead of talking because its a more accepting release anyway. But its not, because they read my mind or read my writings and torture me for that too! So what is a victim of technological torture and invisible imprisonment supposed to do? Pray for freedom. Just keep praying for freedom.
   Ironically my New Hampshire license place says "Live Free or Die." I understand that more now than I ever have. Life can not be lived without freedom. It can only be survived. I'm still surviving, but I'm not living. I want to live.

P.S. They know that I am not going to leap into their false covert rescue stuff. But still they prance puppets, including estranged loved ones and their friends, around me as if it were all a cool game. The oblivious puppets laugh and smile while I stand alone and continue being tortured. Not much is more cruel than this.