My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Example of the "Noise Campaign" Part of the Targeting

   I have been wanting to share this for a while now but keep forgetting. Another bit of harassment, which happened today, jogged my memory.
   The noise campaign part of the targeting can get intense at times. And it happens through puppets dropping things, banging things, beeping vehicle horns, screeching vehicle tires, revving engines...etc. Sometimes its done with technologically transmitted sound and sometimes it is VERY obviously done through puppets being instructed to be where I am going and do what their master tells them to do. I do my best to ignore it all. But this is often impossible and every now and then I react to it. The experience I was reminded of today happened a couple years ago. . .
  I had walked into a McDonalds and a puppet who stood at the counter dropped something onto the floor, making a loud bang, right after I walked by. I was in a sassy mood that day. So, I turned around, walked up behind her and said, "You were a few seconds too late." And she said, "Oh I thought she was right there!" She had thought I was her partner speaking, because she didn't see me double back. I wonder how she felt when she realized it was me whom she admitted her harassment to.
   Sometimes the puppets seem like mind control victims who are not aware of what they are doing. But sometimes they obviously know exactly what they are doing.

 P.S. There have been other times when I head for a public bathroom and instead of going in I have waited, either for someone else to finish using it or to watch something on a nearby TV. On a few occasions this has put me in a position where I actually watched the puppets race to the door and reef on the handle as if trying to break in, the way they have often done to me as I sit on the toilet. On a few occasions I looked at them and sarcastically said, "That's not me in there." My reacting this way is an attempt to defuse the agitation, which is raised by these sort of things happening so much and for so long.
   I feel that the covert program, which uses their puppets to harass or harm fellow citizens, also enslaves unaware victims under the guise of it being good or helpful. But there seems to be different levels of it. One level is obviously criminal. How can anyone think that making loud noises or trying to force a locked door open or drugging us against our will or inflicting us with parasites or  intentionally damaging our property or breaking into our homes and vehicles or moving and replacing our belongings...etc., is helpful? Some puppets are obviously too lost in the darkness that surrounds heavily Targeted Individuals and its difficult to know if it is through their own choices or through being tortured or brain damaged and completely controlled.  Its a horrible thing - this covert and technological targeting. . .and I hope it is quickly and completely exposed and stopped.

    Its no wonder why, back in 2004, I started feeling like humanity was losing its Heart. It was and is. I just didn't know how back then, because I was not aware that I was being targeted and was not aware of technological mind control. But I was noticing the rudeness that was surrounding me. I was feeling the pain of unnatural amounts of losses and difficulties and being either abandoned or targeted by loved ones. And I was feeling the confusion of wondering what was "wrong with me" and what I had done to deserve it for over a decade before I realized that criminals were targeting me with covert harassment, radio wave technologies, chemicals and parasites. . .and that brainwashings, heavy targetings or enslavement was being inflicted upon those who would have wanted to be here for me.

God help us all to be completely set free