My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Old Pains and Few Gains

   This is not my complete blog, but it is what is left of it until I gain the clarity and freedom I'd need to pull it back together, into a book, with better edits and updates/explanations. At this point, as I look back over some of my old posts, it brings back old pains that I have not had a chance to deal with properly and this, as well as the ongoing targeting and my state of overwhelm, prevents me from being able to do a very good job with it, especially the covert harassment stuff. I am confused about a lot of what has been happening in the covert stuff around me. I hope that soon, the targeting will be over and I will be able to gain the privacy and  understanding that would enable me to do better edits without technological or covert interference.

 This blog has been a desperate (literally) fight for our lives. I often did not have time or freedom for contemplation of what is or is not politically correct. Please understand and excuse my mistakes. There may be things that were not clear to me during the time when I wrote them. I will fix any misperceptions when total clarity and freedom arrives. Until then please excuse my mistakes, which often rise from my pain and concern for us all.

    In my heart I feel that there is a lot of good in our government, that their struggle with the infiltration must be immense, and that they will be here for us when they can be. But I sometimes lose sight of this, especially when I am being heavily hit with technological attacks to my brain and other body parts as well as covert threats. . .and have no safe place to run to...where there could be acknowledgment of the technological and covert targeting and protection from further harm. I'm sorry.