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Friday, September 16, 2016

Vehicle Disabled and Brain Tortured

   Yesterday, my car suddenly stopped functioning after a puppet told me a story about a tree falling on the car of someone who was not obeying God and needed to learn a lesson...etc. My brain was also painfully tortured through the whole day. My car is my home and this leaves me stranded again, which is horribly distressing and just too much on top of all the other parts of the targeting. They pretend that disabling my car is to help me or "teach me a lesson" but it only hurts me and the only lesson I am learning is how cruel they can be.
   For too long they have held me in a state of destitution...sabotaging my business and other jobs and forcing me to depend on their puppets for financial help that has recently been consistently dropped in order to prevent me from saving or buying things like lead to protect my brain from their laser attacks, herbs to combat the parasites they infect me with...etc. They have been OK with my buying things that are NOT good for me, which they have actually tortured me into. After I noticed the pattern and started talking about the obvious drops in the amount of help at strategic times, the amount of financial help I was able to get took another severe nose dive. They control too much and too many!

   I desperately need help from people who are not controlled by those who target me and will not use it as a way to harass me. Please let your Heart send financial help to. . .

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

It will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I put a sign for help on my car and the spot where it sits, and had been surrounded by puppets, has been mostly vacant since then. Maybe they do not want their puppets to know I am a defenseless homeless person or maybe they don't want them to see the website I put onto the bottom of the sign; www.targetedinamerica.com. I may remove the sign because they could have my car towed/stolen along with what little is left of my belongings, which they had already threatened to do when they landed me here. I pray for protection for myself and my car and what little is left of my belongings.

P.S. The past year's obvious cut backs in financial help seem odd. They were even sometimes announced by puppets in advance. Like when I had tried to save $20 toward a piece of lead to protect my brain they said "your tucking it!" and then I was given $20 less help that week and then they started asking me why I am not able to save money. Another time they said "five dollars" and the helper gave me $5 less...etc. This was all so obvious that they seemed to be setting up the minister who was helping me. I am worried about him, although he proved to be on the side of those who target me, he did not seem to be aware that they were bad, although he must have been aware of saying the same things to me almost every time we met. . .things that tried to push me to go to a mental health professional, to go on disability and get help from the government and he persistantly tried pushing me toward my family, which seemed to be a set up of some sort. Most, if not all, of my family members are long term mind control victims. Some seem to be fully enslaved and controlled. They would need to be set free from, and fully realize, the technological and pharmaceutical targeting, in order for us to reunite in a way that is healing and growthfull. And I pray that this will someday happen for us as well as other targeted families.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gang Stalking Part of Heights of Wisdom Story

Wisdom's first "gang stalking" experience

    Please excuse the poor writing in this fumbling attempt to finish my 2004/2005 Heights of Wisdom story. It gave me a better focus when I was stranded in a parking lot and feeling too scared and tortured. My last computer was disabled as I was working on it. Consequently its not very good but it hopes to grow and touch people's Hearts....someday...when I am free.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Bad Uses the Unaware Good

   This pattern seems to exist in a lot of the targeting - good people or organizations being used by the bad, which secretly remains in the background of their deceitful operations, while utilizing technological and pharmaceutical mind control on unaware people.

I pray for the Heart of all, who are aware of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting, to unite in publicly exposing and stopping the technological holocaust. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover.

Old Pains and Few Gains

   This is not my complete blog, but it is what is left of it until I gain the clarity and freedom I'd need to pull it back together, into a book, with better edits and updates/explanations. At this point, as I look back over some of my old posts, it brings back old pains that I have not had a chance to deal with properly and this, as well as the ongoing targeting and my state of overwhelm, prevents me from being able to do a very good job with it, especially the covert harassment stuff. I am confused about a lot of what has been happening in the covert stuff around me. I hope that soon, the targeting will be over and I will be able to gain the privacy and  understanding that would enable me to do better edits without technological or covert interference.

 This blog has been a desperate (literally) fight for our lives. I often did not have time or freedom for contemplation of what is or is not politically correct. Please understand and excuse my mistakes. There may be things that were not clear to me during the time when I wrote them. I will fix any misperceptions when total clarity and freedom arrives. Until then please excuse my mistakes, which often rise from my pain and concern for us all.

    In my heart I feel that there is a lot of good in our government, that their struggle with the infiltration must be immense, and that they will be here for us when they can be. But I sometimes lose sight of this, especially when I am being heavily hit with technological attacks to my brain and other body parts as well as covert threats. . .and have no safe place to run to...where there could be acknowledgment of the technological and covert targeting and protection from further harm. I'm sorry.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm Sorry. I Forgot.

In the depths of microwaved pain
I forgot it until my heart saw again.
But whose to know what is never learned
When lasered memories forget to return?

I'm Sorry. I'm so incredibly sorry.

   The technological interference with my brain has caused the usual short term memory losses that many victims report. Sometimes my microwaved brain has gotten lost in the trenches of despair. . .until my heart re-grabs the handle of that bucket of hope and that long tattered rope, which hangs from the Light.
   But I have also experienced memories of specific things (important things) being wiped out of my memory. . .until something triggers them and brings them back. Like the memory of a bank account that had contained around 40,000 dollars and was my emergency back up fund. . .and it now appears to be too late for me to get it back. I can understand them making me lose money as they shoved me into destitution. My other account appeared to have been being drained too. But I am having a hard time understanding why they wiped out the memory of the email, especially since they appear to have also moved my blog post about it. They have even tried to wipe my daughters out of my mind, but my heart aches for them still. Love sometimes remembers what minds forget. But not always. I'm sorry if I have forgotten things that you think I should remember. My memory will be better when my brain stops being intruded upon with radio waves. God help us all to be completely regain our freedom and have a chance to recover.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mutilated Animal Dropped onto Windsheild!

  Late yesterday afternoon I had parked under a shade tree and a small dead animal suddenly dropped down onto my windsheild!  I don't know if it was lasered or not, but it just suddenly dropped right out of the tree or sky within minutes after I parked my car. Since the early 1990s I have experienced periods of what I now believe were murdered animals being left at my home or in roads or trails I frequent. The first ones were decapitated chipmunks left on my doorstep at the home I'd owned in Loudon, NH.

The video is hard to look at. But. . .