My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reposting of the Vision of Hope

   I beg government and media officials to let your Hearts stand up for your selves, for your loved ones, for us, for America. . .ultimately for all of humanity. Please stand up and publicly expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement program...etc., so the covert wars can end and enslaved victims can be set free.  Please stand up so that people can understand what is happening and at least have the opportunity to resist the mind control or protect themselves and support each other. Please help expose the targeting without inflicting more pain upon targeted families...etc. Please stand up so that heavily hit victims can be understood and protected from further harm. Please break the silence that too many are suffering in. Please stand up and help set humanity free. Please!

A Fiction Vision of Real Hope;

   Recent tortures include new rounds of the lasering of my spine. Last night I was suddenly woken with severe lasering of my throat and lungs around 2am, as a driver came near my car to move a truck! Today, after posting about manipulations on my blog I am experiencing pain in my chest, which is probably the usual death threat of inflicting me with a heart attack with a laser weapon. I have experienced this a lot and am sure that it is inflicted with lasers aimed at my chest, due to the timing and the fact that the pain completely goes away for a few seconds on the times when I have quickly moved in ways that shield my body. In the past several months I have experienced a vamp up in painful laser and microwave weapon attacks on my brain.

 Please do not judge me based on anything I write or do not write or publicly share...etc. I have more in hard copies and on storage devices if it is ever needed. . .although my belongings have also been infiltrated through access to my vehicle. My writings have been interfered with, by those who target me, in multiple ways. The most recent thing I caught appeared to be the altering of the date on a post from 2012 to 2013. Since I recently experienced FOUR hard drive failures and one monitor failure I am forced to use public library computers that are obviously infiltrated and too often surrounded by librarian puppets who do not respect my need for peace and quiet. My efforts to make changes to past posts, due to my newer realizations, appears to be being sabotaged. I am still not being allowed to change the password to the ftp program which accesses my primary website pages. I pray for them to remain secure.  I do not have the equipment, freedom, peace or privacy that I'd need to follow my heart into perfecting all of my writings. This is the best I can do right now. So, please excuse the mistakes and areas of possible criminal intrusions and alterations. I hope that I will someday have the freedom to fix it all and explain it better.