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Monday, August 8, 2016

A Painful Batch of Ignorance in the New York Times

   Around the time when the NY Times News Paper came out with the article about Targeted Individuals I was stranded in a parking lot. My computers were being shut down. My writings were being sabotaged. And I was  experiencing a serious vamp up in electronic attacks...etc. I was just able to read it a couple days ago in a library.
   The article was entitled, "United States of Paranoia...," which implies that united Targeted Individuals are just in a state of paranoia. Other titles in the article were, "A Growing tribe of troubled Minds," and "A pretext for violence," and "An ‘echo chamber’ of paranoia," most of which appear to have grown from the field of psychiatry.
  When I read it I felt sad. . .incredibly sad. And I find myself wondering if the author, or New York Times, have even done any research into the technologies that are being used on us, or on the field of psychiatry being suspected of inflicting "false mental illness labels" on victims of eugenics based targetings, or on the fact that states, like Michigan, have even passed new laws against "gang stalking" because it is a VERY REAL crime that has been hurting many people.
      And, even more important, have they considered the additional suffering and pain that is inflicted upon us Targeted Individuals when we are publicly degraded and misjudged - that even just statements like "most likely delusional," can leave us to continue suffering the effects of VERY REAL technological tortures, covert harassment. . .and other false judgments, which prevent the proper kinds of help and protection from further harm.

   Articles like this one feel like another part of the targeting. They hurt us and they prevent the compassionate understanding and comfort that we desperately need from our fellow human beings. We should not have to prove our sanity on top of all else that we are struggling to survive. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/11/health/gang-stalking-targeted-individuals.html

   I beg the media and general public to give us "Targeted Individuals" the benefit of the doubt that is being raised by those who target us and those who are not aware of the various types of technological targeting, which are happening to many more than just TIs who are in the web.

Please keep an open Heart and mind

   We need your support and help. We are not just "mentally ill." But we are not OK - we are being hurt and are suffering indescribably. We are victims of holocaustal crimes. . .crimes which need to be publicly acknowledged and stopped for the future safety of all of humanity

Please help us instead of adding to our pain
We desperately need good, aware Hearts to stand up for
 us as well as humanity's freedom. Please be those Hearts.

 P.S. My Amazon books and websites have been being blocked from web searches through the past few months. And I am still not being allowed to change the password to my websites.