My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Hope for Us All

   I hope for all levels of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting to be exposed and stopped without inflicting more hardship upon Targeted Individuals, targeted families, targeted organizations...etc.


  Please do not judge or blame anyone based on what I have written on this blog. This is not a "politically correct" report or a legal report. It is exactly what the title implies - Ramblings of a Targeted Individual. If good officials are ever able to be here for me I will give them whatever information they need, privately and directly. I regret treating like a report initially. I probably shared too much of some things and too little about other things. My brain has not functioned well under the constraints of radio waves being shot into it...etc.
     This blog is an example of the grueling process that a heavily Targeted Individual goes through in order to figure out the targeting and expose it, while still being targeted - computers infiltrated, brain function being interfered with...etc. In the initial stages of realizing what is happening it is too easy to misplace blame in desperate microwaved gropes for answers, or rushed aims to expose it, with hope to end the hell or at least make a painful round of targeting back off...etc.
   The targeting is often too confusing and manipulative to fully figure out every aspect of it, especially while my brain is being microwaved. The covert harassment parts of the targeting have been extremely confusing to me, and posts about this merely reflect my perceptions at that point in time. This blog needs a lot of editing and explaining, but I am unable to do it on infiltrated computers and while still being targeted... but it does not feel safe to completely let go of it at this point in time, due to it being my primary log of the targeting...etc.
   I hope to someday have the freedom to follow my heart with better edits and explanations of the contents of this blog and the process I went through as I wrote it. (I'd also need clarification of many things, in order to do this effectivly.) Until then, please read with your Heart, look past anything that seems confusing or questionable. . .and please do not use any part of this blog to judge or blame any person or organization.

   I hope this blog, through all of my bloops and blunders and the outside interference, can still help us all to regain  freedom from all levels of the targeting. . .and ultimately help free America and save the Heart of humanity from destructive technological and pharmaceutical mind control.