My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, June 20, 2016

Please Understand

   Like I have said many times before,
 I am sorry if my writings offend you.
Please try to understand.

   The "about" page of this blog has been being hidden by those who target me.

   In this blog there are sure to be things, which I misperceived, because much of it has been a desperate fight for our lives while I am being threatened and my brain is being electronically tortured. I have also been being surrounded by multitudes of covert manipulations.

   I really believe what I had put in a recent post; Humanity's worst enemy is technological and pharmaceutical mind control and the secrecy that allows its continuation. Now that I realize the scope of the mind control, and the enslavement, it makes it easier for me to forgive people, or organizations, who are victims of it. This does not mean that I want to pretend that the targeting has not been happening or that I am going to put my head back on the chopping blocks. It just means that I am going to hope for them to regain their freedom and aim to refrain from just angrily blaming them.

   My stand, though not nearly perfect, is to save tortured victims. . .like me; to help free enslaved victims. . .like most of my estranged loved ones; to help America and Humanity to regain freedom from technological and pharmaceutical mind control...etc.; and to help save the Heart of humanity from further destruction