My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, June 27, 2016

I Can't Agree With Either One.

   I seem to be surrounded by two opposing covert groups. One blames only the government and the USA, even though they are being targeted too. This group seems to be the infiltration that targets America and utilizes technological mind control on us all. The other group goes in the opposite extreme. Both have been demanding, controlling and threatening in various ways. I can't agree with either one. Are they both lead by perpetration? It seems so
I wish all covert groups would let their Hearts unite into a peaceful stand for our Freedom. We desperately need more Hearts to publicly stand up and expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, the human enslavement, and the torturing and tormenting of victims like myself


P.S.  The covert and technological hell continues for me! I do not write most of it. Lately has been horrible and too much. I feel too traumatized. It appeared that ticks were being shot into my car today. I am still stranded in a parking lot. I was surrounded by a group of puppets yesterday. They sarcasically took pictures of me after I took pictures of their cars and plates. I'd hoped to intimidate them away. But it didn't work. I am in desperate need of protection from further harm.