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Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Lethal Song? (I'm Singing)

  UPDATE: I have erased this post because it was surrounded by torturous manipulations.    I wrote it while being tortured and traumatized after a round of threats and sleep deprivation. 
   My computer was disabled, after I blasted this post out, preventing me from editing it as I usually do after I write something while being too heavily hit with microwaves shot into my brain.  Their aim appeared to prevent me from getting the proper kinds of help, to make me look like part of the perpetration, or make me look like a "fake TI"…etc.
   I have been being too heavily targeted and am too overwhelmed to figure it all out and comb through it properly. If I reach a point where I can, and feel a need to, I will explain more.

If you read the original post that was here, please understand that it was manipulated by those who target me, during a time when I was being terrorized and technologically tortured and they were issuing threats and orders that they knew my fear would write. . .and this alone is cause enough to erase it. Sometimes the targeting is set up in ways that manipulate if I even just write down what they are doing and saying!!! (This has happened on many occasions and I hope that there are Hearts who can understand the torturous manipulations that are inflicted upon heavy targets.)

"Sing" they say while lasering my brain!
I talk and talk and its still the same.
Who is playing this lethal game?
 And how on earth are victims to blame?