My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"Which Side" Am I On?

   There has always been some controversy as to whether or not I am part of the organization that is targeting me, which is absolutely ridiculous! There even seems to be manipulations that are designed to make it look like I am one of the "bad guys!" I am a long term victim of various types of technological and covert targeting. And I am a witness to many other people being targeted and tortured.
   I am on the side of peacefully standing up for Freedom to be regained for America and the rest of humanity - I am on the side of publicly exposing the technological and pharmaceutical targeting, as well as the covert enslavement program, so that humanity can be set free and climb on the road to recovery. I wish more people were on my side.


I am not on this side or that side.
I still stand too painfully alone.
I do not perpetrate, run or hide.
I'm trapped by crow's dark choice,
But my targeted heart cries out on line.
Doesn't anyone hear my pleading voice?